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Most Expensive Skins In GTA 5

Revenge killing a player in "Grand Theft Auto Online" while wearing cheap jeans and a t-shirt is satisfying enough, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing the last thing they'll see before they respawn is you with a $145,000 taco on your head.


Rockstar has updated "GTA Online" religiously since "GTA 5" was released in 2013, which means there is a nearly limitless amount of expensive swag to spend your hard-earned cash on. Even so, players tempted to spend $300,000 on a hilarious, skin-tight bodysuit shouldn't take the decision lightly. Like many online games, most of the clothing in "GTA Online" is purely decorative. So, if your empire of crime is in its nascent stage, you may want to consider buying something that will help you succeed in the game instead, like a new gun, car, or business.

Usefulness aside, the cosmetic system in "GTA 5" is refreshingly accessible when compared to games like "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," which typically locks up its rare skins in loot crates with abysmally low drop rates. Though there are some un-purchasable, limited-edition skins floating around Los Santos, most of the clothes in "GTA 5" can be bought at any store.


If you're still surviving on petty theft jobs out of a stolen station wagon, don't worry: the game has plenty of stylish and affordable clothes to purchase. On the other hand, if you're a kingpin sitting on Scrooge McDuck money, here's a list of pricey skins for you to blow your real world and in-game money on.

14. Branded Raider Top - 82,400

Like many of "GTA Online's" most expensive skins, the Branded Raider Top was introduced as part of the Arena War update in 2018.

For those who have yet to get in on the action, Arena War puts you behind the wheel of customizable, homicidal vehicles to duke it out in a stadium littered with ramps, traps, and obstacles. To get started, you have to buy an Arena War Workshop, which will cost you at least $995,000, though you'll have to pay more for cosmetic upgrades, garage space, etc.


That said, you do not have to play Arena War to unlock the Branded Raider Top for purchase. As with all Arena War outfits, the top can be bought at your favorite "GTA Online" clothing store without playing a single match. Leveling up in Arena War can earn you discounts on clothes like the Branded Raider Top, but since Rockstar distributes those discounts randomly, many fans suggest it's more time-efficient to pay full price for the top, if that's all you want.

The top's thick shoulder pads and piecemeal chest plate are splattered with brightly colored paint, sort of like a mixture of "Mad Max" and an Easter egg. So, if apocalyptic-chic is your vibe, you're going to have to shell out $82,400 to add the Branded Raider Top to your wardrobe.


13. Luminous Bodysuit - $100,000

This bodysuit definitely lives up to its name. Lined with green, red, and blue neon lights, the Luminous Bodysuit is the perfect, ravey outfit to wear on a night out at the West Vinewood nightclub (glow sticks and pacifiers not included).


The outfit has been lighting up Los Santos since it was introduced in the Import/Export update in 2016, though as one Redditor points out, it's unclear what fluorescent bodysuits have to do with stealing and reselling exotic vehicles. Either way, the update made stealing cars in "GTA Online" more profitable, adding large warehouses for storage, rare vehicles to pilfer and flip, and executive garages with in-house mod shops.

If you don't like the Luminous Bodysuit's red and green color scheme, it also comes in purple and orange or purple and yellow.There are slight variations between the female and male versions, as well. For instance, the male bodysuits sport a handsome, handlebar mustache, while the female variant has eyelashes, full lips, and blushed cheeks. Whichever one you go for, the bodysuit is going to cost you $100,000.


12. Red Classic Racing Suit - 105,550

If you've always fantasized about being a NASCAR driver, but life just got in the way of your dreams, fret not: Stunt Races in "GTA Online" may fulfill your need for speed.

Racing for money first came about in the 2016 Cunning Stunts update, though its loop-de-loops and heart-pounding drops were more "Mario Kart" than Indy 500. Then, the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update in 2018 brought a more realistic, circuit-style racing to the world of "GTA Online," introducing new NASCAR-inspired race tracks and classic racing suits.


If you think acceleration looks best in films like "Ford v Ferrari," you'll love the bold, monochromatic coloring of these retro racing suits. The Red Classic Racing Suit is the most expensive of the bunch, carrying a price tag of $105,550. But even the cheapest one, the Orange Classic Racing Suit, is going to cost you $96,500. Still, they're a total knockout, especially when paired with a classic ride like the Rapid GT Classic.

11. Paco the Taco Mask - $145,000

Surely there are more ergonomic masks for stealing cars. In fact, given the mask's massive width, it's a mystery how one could even fit this giant taco mask through the door of most vehicles.

As the name implies, the Paco the Taco Mask has many of the trappings of the beloved food item, like a crunchy corn shell and green lettuce. It also has a modest sombrero and a big, toothy grin to taunt other players with.


If the mask looks familiar, you might have seen Paco the Taco while browsing the internet in "GTA Online." He is the mascot of the game's fast-food chain Taco Bomb. On the chain's website, he can be found dishing out poor English translations of wildly inappropriate Spanish phrases.

Unlike other items of clothing in "GTA Online," the Paco the Taco mask is not for sale at Binco, Ponsonbys, or any other clothing store in San Andreas. If you want to buy the mask or any other face covering, you'll have to head over to Vespucci Movie Masks, located on the boardwalk of Vespucci Beach.

Those willing to fork up $145,000 can find the mask under the Arena War section at the store. However, if you're not feeling tacos at the moment, a $139,000 burger mask might hit the spot.


10. MeTV Air Racing Suit - $149,776

It's possible to fly a plane or helicopter in "GTA Online" wearing only boxer shorts and flip-flops, but those who respect the cockpit too much to soil it with such pedestrian rags should check out the Air Racing Suits category. Rockstar introduced Air Racing Suits in the 2017 Smuggler's Run update, along with a slew of other skins, aircrafts, and hangers to manage your contraband operations.


These unisex suits include a face mask, a helmet in a number of different colors, and a branded chest-piece featuring one of Los Santos' in-game companies, including Redwood Cigarettes, the Sprite parody Sprunk, and the mobile phone network Tinkle.

None of these flight suits are cheap, with each of them costing over $100,000, but the colorful MeTV Racing Suit really breaks the bank at $149,776. The logo for the game's fake music network is displayed smack dab on the suit's chest, so if you want to be a walking satire of MTV and VH1, now's your chance.

9. The Chic Designer Outfit - $156,815

The hilarity of raising hell in Los Santos while wearing a piece of fruit on your head is well documented. If you want to keep your avatar posh, however, you've got options. Go to any clothing store in "GTA Online," scroll down to the Designer category, and you'll find plenty of fashionable — albeit expensive — outfits to class up your next heist.


The Talent, the most expensive designer outfit for male characters, smacks of luxury casual, pairing a black baseball cap and leather jacket with plaid pants and solid red high-tops. It's an obvious step-up looks-wise from some of the game's cheaper outfits. But staying fashionable isn't cheap — and for $125,316, neither is this outfit.

However, the Talent isn't even close to being the priciest designer 'fit. Priced at $156,815, the Chic is the most expensive of these outfits, and can only be purchased by female avatars. With its ripped pants and fitted grey peacoat, the outfit will surely give you the element of surprise as you plant your high-heeled boot down firmly on the gas pedal of a recently stolen Cognoscenti Cabrio convertible.


8. Gold Stuntman Suit - $176,000

The name of this clothing category probably needs a gender update considering there are plenty of women who do stunts professionally, both in the game and in real life. Outdated language aside, Stuntmen suits could make your next death-defying motorcycle jump — and subsequent fail — all the more enjoyable.


Penny-pinching daredevils could get away with paying $49,500 for the cheapest outfit in the category, the Silver Jock Cranley Suit. To get it in gold, however, they'll have to hand over $176,000.

The suit is a tribute to the most infamous stunt person in the "GTA" universe, Jock Cranley, Rockstar's satirical take on an immoral politician. Cranley spends his days in "GTA 5" spinning hate-filled campaign slogans in an attempt to leverage his fame to become the governor of San Andreas.

Those who can separate the character's politics with the outfit should appreciate its classic look. With its stars and stripes, the outfit is clearly influenced by real-life stuntman Evel Knievel. Or, you could always skip these expensive suits entirely and save your money for a faster motorcycle; it's how much air you get that matters most, after all.


7. Deadline Outfit - $200,000

"GTA Online" remains fun after all these years because of Rockstar's ability to replicate fun moments in pop culture and bring them into the world of San Andreas. One example of this is Deadline, a death race of sorts that sets you against other players on motorcycles that trailing deadly laser beams — basically like something out of "Tron."


If that's not enough to satisfy your desire to relive the movie, the Deadline Outfit is for sale for $200,000 at any clothing store in the game. Not only does the futuristic neon-striped bodysuit bear an uncanny resemblance to the light suits in the "Tron" films, it also glows in the dark, which is bad for hiding from cops and griefers, but good for partying all night at your favorite nightclub.

When the outfit first hit the game in 2016, you had to play at least one match of Deadline to unlock it for purchase. But now, you can buy one without playing a single match. If you're on the fence about blowing a bunch of cash solely to become a human glow stick, would it sway your decision to know that you can swap out the helmet for a cowboy hat?


6. Pogo Space Monkey - $288,800

You may be familiar with Pogo the Monkey, who has been bouncing around the "GTA" universe for over twenty years. The character is featured in radio advertisements in "GTA 3," and in "GTA: San Andreas," you can battle UFOs with Pogo in the mini-game "Go Go Space Monkey."


Since no "GTA" game would be complete without at least one Pogo cameo, you can also buy a Pogo Space Monkey outfit in "GTA Online." Though it's not the most expensive set of clothing in the Arena War update, for $288,800, there are surely cheaper ways to monkey around in Los Santos.

The outfit is missing Pogo's signature trait: a giant metal spring where his legs should be. Still, the monkey's cigar-smoking headpiece and banana belt buckle may be cute enough to warrant a purchase. It also comes with a red jumpsuit and goggles, which could keep the bugs out of your eyes when you're scurrying away from the cops on a stolen motorcycle.

5. Red Reptile Bodysuit - $311,000

If you lack the drive to customize an outfit today, these Arena War bodysuits provide a head-to-toe solution to meet your dressing needs. There's a smorgasbord of costly looks and styles to choose from, including futuristic onesies, reptilian costumes, and trippy, galactic ensembles reminiscent of black light posters in a college dorm room.


If your main fashion inspiration is the Hayden Planetarium, for $268,400, the Blue Galaxy bodysuit will blanket you in Hubble-quality pictures of galaxies far, far away. Perhaps the most dangerous of these outfits are the green or purple shapes bodysuits, which place a luminescent 'x' way too close to your nether regions. Those begging to get shot in the groin by a sniper will have to pay out between $238,000 and $250,000 to do so. 

However, the most expensive of the bunch, the beady-eyed Red Reptile Bodysuit, will get you covered in red, magenta, and turquoise scales, if you're willing to pay up $311,000. It gives the player a look that's very reminiscent of a poisonous frog or lizard, complete with an unearthly glow.


4. Green Alien Bodysuit - $358,000

Considering the storied history behind the green and purple Martian bodysuits, it was only a matter of time before these particular outfits got their moment of glory (so to speak).

Ah, remember back in 2020, when putting on an alien bodysuit in "GTA Online" and assaulting innocent players with melee weapons was en vogue? What started as a viral prank turned into a full-on alien war between purple aliens, green aliens, and pretty much everyone else. The war got so much press that even Rockstar jumped in on the joke and added fuel to the fire, making the absurdly expensive alien bodysuits free for a week.


It's up for debate whether the alien war was a fun event that reinvigorated "GTA Online's" player base, or an overhyped dud. Either way, the true winner of the war was probably Rockstar, who, according to Screen Rant, raked in roughly $1,200 every minute in the days following the war.

If you didn't get your hands on a free alien bodysuit back in 2020, get ready to pay up big time: the Purple Alien Bodysuit costs $330,000. If you think that's expensive, the Green Alien Bodysuit costs a whopping $358,000, making it one of the most expensive clothing skins in the entire game.

3. Sessanta Nova - $379,000

As if there wasn't enough to do in the extensive open-world solo campaign of "Grand Theft Auto 5," some talented modders created a mission that allows you to blast off into space and visit other planets.


In "GTA Online," however, the cosmos are off-limits, at least for now. Still, if you want to rob and steal in an astronaut suit, you totally can — but it could cost you well over $300,000. That's not cheap, especially since buying a plane could at least get you closer to space for much less.

As part of the Arena War update in 2018, these outfits come in two categories, the Retro Spacesuit, and the Astronaut suit. The Retro Spacesuits have bulbous, glass helmets and remote units with colorful buttons that mimic the look of a '50s sci-fi movie. However, the Astronaut suits have more of a rugged, minimalistic look, thanks to their utility belt and muted color scheme.

If you want to get a bit fancier, there's a particularly pricey astronaut suit just for you. If you have $379,000 saved up for a rainy day, you could spend it all on the Sessanta Nove, which looks like how you might imagine a collaboration between NASA and Louis Vuitton going.


2. Light Blue Space Creature - $388,200

What fun would astronauts be without ugly space monsters to terrorize them? Whether you're looking to become a cyclops, or whatever the "Blue Space Horror" is supposed to be, the Arena War update introduced a ton of unique monster suits to "GTA Online." 


You can find the most expensive of those suits under the Space Creature category. In addition to being upsettingly naked, the Space Creature suit will give you a giant forehead, bulging eyes, and scaly skin (think a bit more "Creature of the Black Lagoon" and a bit less Area 51).

The suit comes in 12 different styles and colors, all of which will set you back at least $375,000, unless you are lucky enough to unlock a discount in Arena Wars. Coming in at $388,200, the Light Blue Space Creature is the most expensive of the bunch, followed closely by the Flesh Space Creature at $386,460. It's expensive, but if you like beating up innocent bystanders, you might as well look like a monster from a drive-in B movie while doing so.


1. Republican Space Ranger - $397,000

The great alien war in "GTA Online" might have been blown out of proportion, but the grainy YouTube video that sparked all the madness was actually pretty hilarious. A description of three green aliens jumping out of a van to attack a bewildered player simply doesn't do it justice — it has to be seen to be believed. But when a video titled "You came to the wrong planet foo" went viral on Reddit, everyone wanted to get in on the action, and the rest is "GTA" history.


Given that the war started with aliens attacking humans for no good reason, it was only a matter of time before the earthlings decided to fight back. The official subreddit of Team Earth was GtaOnlineAlienHunters, which had two uniforms of choice: a "Men in Black"-inspired black suit, and the Republican Space Ranger outfit.

Though the alien war is just a memory these days, you can still easily put an outfit together and roam the streets looking like the Men in Black for less than $10,000. The Republican Space Ranger outfit, however, is the most expensive clothing item in the game. For $397,000, you can finally look like Buzz Lightyear after he fell into a bucket of green paint in Andy's garage.