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Warzone's Game-Breaking Bug Is Back

While Infinity Ward and Raven Software put a lot of effort into combating the out-of-control and incredibly bold cheaters in "Call of Duty: Warzone," another issue keeps popping up that makes the game essentially unwinnable for honest players. Ever since late 2020 (according to PC Gamer), a series of exploits have allowed cheaters to gain complete invisibility. While those issues have previously been patched out, the problem has reemerged, thanks to a trick involving the game's new teleporting red doors.

Taking advantage of the newest invisibility exploit is pretty straightforward, and instructional videos on exactly how to pull it off are easily located on YouTube. All players need to do to acquire this significant advantage is find a grenade, a motorcycle, and one of the new teleporting loot room red doors (which previous glitched and murdered players, naturally). Once they are at the door, players need to prime the grenade, get on the motorcycle and enter the door simultaneously. Activating the glitch requires precise timing, but it can certainly be done. Players will then be rendered invisible for the duration of the match.

The emergence of this unfortunate glitch was seemingly met with a shrug from "Call of Duty: Warzone" fans on Reddit, who seem to be aware of multiple exploits currently affecting the game. Here is how the battle royale game's invisibility glitches are impacting the experience for players.

Invisibility glitches make Warzone unwinnable for regular players

The effects of a player with permanent invisibility are positively game-breaking. It would only take one player in a standard match of 150 with knowledge of this exploit to ruin the chances of any other squad.

Luckily for honest "Warzone" players, fans on Reddit seem to think that the newest glitch is confined to the "Plunder" game mode, and YouTube videos appear to confirm that. However, fans have been posting about encountering invisible opponents since at least December 2020, when an exploit allowed players to interact with attack helicopters and become both invisible and possibly invincible. Raven acknowledged the problem in a tweet and temporarily removed the problematic helicopters, but clearly, that has not proved to be a permanent solution.

"Call of Duty: Warzone" has always had a hacking problem that it could never quite shake, and it's frustrating for players to see these challenges compounded by built-in glitches that ruin the game. While the developers are committed to solving these problems, every time a new unbeatable glitch, like a respawn problem that popped up on Rebirth Island, fans' confidence in the game is shaken once again.