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Zoom Is Getting Into Gaming, Whether You Like It Or Not

It's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic had a large impact on various industries throughout the world. One of the biggest challenges companies and freelancers had to grapple with was remote work, and Zoom rose to the top as one of the main ways people held virtual meetings. Now, the platform is looking to expand into the gaming zone as a new way to connect coworkers.

In a post on the official blog, the company introduced Zoom Apps. Zoom Apps is a type of integration system that will let other applications work with Zoom. For instance, coworkers can now play games together in a Zoom call.

There are several different titles coming to Zoom Apps. One of the most popular additions on the way is "Heads Up!," a mobile game in which players ask yes or no questions to determine what mystery card they have on their head. Interactive learning app "Kahoot!" is also making its way to the platform. Kahoot is generally used in schools, although it also targets offices or large events, so this will presumably make setting up lessons, trivia, or presentations in distance classrooms using Zoom much easier.

There's also "Team Games," which has the standard mini golf and 8-ball games, "Werewolf with Friends," which is based on the card game "Werewolf," and "Funtivity," which offers a variety of games to help coworkers engage with each other. "LGN Poker" is also available to play.

Zoom users have had mixed reactions to the news.

Some people seem uncertain about Zoom's pivot towards gaming

Both employers and employees have highlighted the potential problems the new Zoom Apps system could create. "Awesome! So now I have something to do, and I don't have to PRETEND to listen people in the meeting drone on and on about NOTHING," consulting firm Caddy Marketing quipped on TwitterAnother Twitter user summed up the possible downsides with just five words and a hashtag: "Team building games. On Zoom. #KillMeNow."

While Zoom is adding more than just games, it's worth noting that the platform decided to add games in the first place. For the most part, workplace games range from awkward icebreakers on day one to a potential teamwork event. You won't find too many offices just playing poker at a desk. However, Zoom saw games as an important feature to add to its line of Zoom Apps. It's not the only company to do so recently, either.

Earlier in July, Netflix announced that it was going to start streaming games. Netflix subscribers may remember "Bandersnatch," the "choose your own adventure" story game set around "Black Mirror." More experiences like that are coming to Netflix without any price hikes.

Gaming has grown bigger and bigger. Hopefully, the titles headed to Zoom won't disappoint — even if your coworkers are really bad at "Werewolf with Friends."