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Video Game Animals We Want In Real Life

Two of the purest joys in life are video games and animals. When the two are combined, it only makes sense that video game animals would steal the hearts of many fans.

While the following collection of the video game animals that would be the best in real life is by no means definitive, there's something for everyone. From the cute and cuddly to the fierce and ferocious, there are endless possibilities when it comes to imagining incredible animals in gaming come to life. You'll definitely find a variety of ideas that are sure to inspire you.


But don't worry — you won't find any realistic animals on this list. That's way too obvious, especially since the world already has all of the Nintendogs they could ask for in real life (even though gamers still don't have them on the Switch).

Without further adieu, here are the video game animals that the world deserves IRL.

Chocobos from Final Fantasy

Not only are these giant avian creatures cool, but they offer a bunch of in-game advantages. In "Final Fantasy 7" and many of its spinoffs, the Chocobos are a speedy form of transportation that can get you to where you need to go. In the original "Final Fantasy 7," for instance, you can get to areas that were previously blocked by hitching a ride with a Chocobo. When you're riding your winged friend, you'll also find that no enemies dare cross your path, making them literally the perfect wingmen.


Best of all, you can fully embrace your new life as a chocobo farmer by capturing, feeding, and breeding these unique animals. There are multiple breeds to seek out, and each comes with its own set of abilities. For example, blue Chocobos are great in the water, while green Chocobos can traverse through mountains and cliffs.

If you can't get enough of racing around on the Chocobos, you're in luck: the "Final Fantasy" series actually had a weird spinoff starring these adorable creatures, appropriately named "Chocobo Racing."

Ditto from Pokemon

It is almost impossible to narrow down the hundreds of adorable Pokémon and highlight just one to dream of having in real life, but Ditto's abilities make anything possible. Yes, this choice is technically exploiting a loophole since Ditto can transform into any Pokémon — but who could resist holding that gelatin-like blob of happiness knowing it could become any Pokémon in existence?


While its shapeshifting has earned it a place amongst the "yummiest" Pokémon in the past, Ditto would surely be fun to hang out with for a day if you're not looking for a snack. One minute, you'd be riding a Lapras, and the next, you'd be snoozing with Snorlax. You could hit the gym with Hitmonchan by day and chill at the beach with Krabby by night. Ditto would literally be an all-in-one buddy.

Though you may not be able to catch this particular pocket monster in real life, you can find Ditto right on your phone in "Pokémon Go." Close enough.

Raymond from Animal Crossing

While cases could be made for any of the "Animal Crossing" villagers being brought to the real world, Raymond from "New Leaf" is his own special kind of adorable — and meeting a human-sized anthropomorphic cat in real life would surely be a memorable experience.


Raymond is fan favorite villager with "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" players, and it's easy to see why: He's quite literally a cool cat. Don't let his "Smug" personality label fool you, since this designation actually feeds into many of his sweet, charismatic, and "gentleman-like" qualities.

On top of that, Raymond's office-like home would be a great place to hang out and get some work done. His heterochromia (his signature different-colored eyes), would be stunning to see in real life, not to mention his big pointy ears, tufted hair, and formal collared shirt and vest?

Though cats are obviously real animals already, Raymond gets a special exception. After all, the denizens of the "Animal Crossing" games are much more complex than any regular house pet.


Francesca DuClaw from Cozy Grove

She's a bear. She's a tree. She's a sculptor. She's Francesca DuClaw.

The fifth bear-slash-spirit to appear in the adorable and refreshing "Cozy Grove," Francesca is obsessed with trees and sweet as can be. She's got a gift for art that connects perfectly with her love for nature, since sculpting is her preferred medium. Plus, she's so cute, it's hard to take in all at once. The only thing more precious than her bark-like appearance and leafy accents is her button nose.


A giant, ghostly tree-bear hybrid might not be the first thing you'd think of as a perfect companion, but Francesca might win you over. Walks through the forest would be better than ever before. If you need help with recycling, she could whip you up amazing new creations from everyday objects like she does in the game. That's right; Francesca is cute, cuddly, and eco-friendly. 

Francesca also has a great outlook on life, frequently busting out gems like, "Isn't it good to be kind?" With Francesca IRL, you'd always have someone to look up to, both figuratively and literally.

Magnamalo from Monster Hunter

Out of all the new monsters featured in 2021's "Monster Hunter Rise," none is as fearsome, badass, and awe-inspiring as Magnamalo. Capcom describes this scaly beast as "the flagship monster of this game," and it's no surprise why. It literally radiates "Hellfire," a gaseous purple excretion that packs on extra damage. Altogether, its features make Magnamalo "the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors."


Though it's hard to imagine actually having to battle (or pet) this animal IRL, it would be incredible to see it just once — from a very, very comfortable distance, preferably from a fast-moving vehicle in case things took a turn for the worse. Then again, if Magnamalo was real, perhaps you'd also get to zip around town with the wirebug from "Monster Hunter Rise" in real life, too. That just makes sense, right?

And there you have it. Whether your favorite video game animal is the stuff of nightmares or a smiling speck of cuteness, you'll never look at it the same again.