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Corpse Husband's Music Just Passed A Major Milestone

Corpse Husband, the deep voiced streamer known for his "Among Us" games and laid back disposition, just passed a significant milestone in his music career, delighting fans and fellow streamers on the internet.


Just last month, Corpse's music career turned a corner, with "E-girls Are Ruining My Life" passed 150 million plays on Spotify. Now, the streamer-turned-musician has shared that the single has gone gold. Corpse tweeted a picture of the gold record along with a black heart emoji, thanking his fans for their help in making the song famous. According to the award, "E-girls Are Ruining My Life" has sold 500,000 copies, making Corpse quite the success story.

Corpse recently tweeted that taking time away from social media to work on big projects scares him, but that it might be necessary sometimes. "I hope it's worth it," he said. After seeing the success with "E-girls Are Ruining My Life," there's no doubt that the streamer's efforts are paying off.


One fan pointed out that Corpse and Savage Ga$p (who is featured on the track and referenced in the song's lyrics) should be proud of their achievement, especially considering the track didn't have the support of a major label to promote it.

Corpse received a ton of well wishes and congratulations in response to his announcement, including a few shoutouts from his famous friends.

Corpse's friends celebrate going gold

Valkyrae tweeted a heartfelt congrats to Corpse Husband, adding "SO PROOD [sic] OF YOU!" with many, many exclamation points expressing her excitement. Valkyrae has always supported Corpse's music career, and even had a cameo in Corpse's music video for "Daywalker!" Pokimane likewise shared her excitement, yelling "YES B**** LET'S GOOOOO" in response to Corpse's tweet.


TinaKitten also jumped in to praise Corpse's achievement. She said, "SO SO PROUD OF YOU! ... YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOU ARE THE MOMENT AND EVERY MOMENT BEYOND THAT MOMENT I ADORE YA!" She also included a mouse emoji, which raised a few eyebrows in the comments, especially since the rumor mill has linked the two as a couple in the past.

Jacksepticeye also piped in, saying, "This is so cool!" Corpse and Jacksepticeye have always had an interesting relationship, and Corpse calls Jacksepticeye his best friend, so it's especially heartwarming for fans to see the two celebrating each other's achievements.

Many Corpse fans just want to know what's happening next for the streamer. Corpse's popularity knows no bounds, and he's planning big things in the future to reward loyal viewers. Corpse has 900K Twitch followers, and he's never even used the platform, so he's planning to stream there for the first time soon. Additionally, Corpse is working on new music, which he intends to finish soon.