Valkyrae Cameos In Corpse Husband's Music Video And Fans Won't Stop Talking

YouTube streamer Valkyrae, who has recently joined fellow YouTuber Corpse Husband during Among Us sessions, has excited fans of both streamers after appearing in Corpse Husband's new music video.

Valkyrae, one of the best-known members of the 100 Thieves gaming and lifestyle brand, piqued fan curiosity earlier this week on social media, where she indicated her possible involvement with the expected "Daywalker!" video. On March 15, Valkyrae posted what seemed like a random photo captioned "Soon." While primarily focused on her hands, the image also showed her wearing a form-fitting leather outfit. While that by itself may not have indicated much, she followed that tweet two days later with a retweet of Corpse Husband's "Daywalker!" music video announcement, along with the same simple caption: "Soon."


A few minutes later, Valkyrae tweeted that she would be posting a vlog sometime after the music video's 10 AM release window, which fans took to indicate that the vlog would be about the music video. One fan even asked if that was the case, to which Valkyrae replied with an elongated and playful "Maybe."

It turned out that Valkyrae's fans guessed correctly, as the YouTuber was featured prominently in the "Daywalker!" video that arrived on March 18. Valkyrae appears about halfway through the two-minute music video, at the same point that Corpse Husband's vocals begin. Valkyrae acts as a sort of stand-in for Corpse Husband, who famously avoids showing his face on camera, as she lip syncs to Corpse Husband's verses. Valkyrae's appearance is in the video is digitally altered to give her a glowing cybernetic eye, and she appears in the same leather catsuit that she teased on Twitter, much to the appreciation of her fans.


Of course, it wouldn't be a Corpse Husband project without some of his fans further speculating as to his true identity. One fan even joked, "Ah so Rae was Corpse the whole time. The twist! She been living a double life." The title of Valkyrae's promised vlog, "I Am Corpse," only fueled that speculation among commenters on YouTube. Considering that Corpse Husband and Valkyrae stream Among Us together with some frequency, this seems unlikely, but Corpse Husband's fans are nothing if not persistent. 

"Daywalker!" is officially credited to Machine Gun Kelly, with Corpse listed as a featured performer. The track has been an object of fan obsession ever since it was announced that Corpse Husband was teaming up with the famous rapper. Adding Valkyrae into the equation through the music video has proven to be an excellent way to keep fans talking about the song and all the artists involved.