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Dr Disrespect Slams TimTheTatman In Twitch Rant

Popular streamer (and two-time back-to-back Blockbuster video game champion) Dr Disrespect has never shied away from vocalizing his frustrations. From his surprising feelings about "Call of Duty: Warzone" to his hot takes on Ninja's TikTok videos, the "Call of Duty" map designer-turned-streamer is about as outspoken as it gets. However, there's one topic he's avoided like the plague within the last year: Twitch.


While the Doc has mentioned the streaming platform in passing — infamously claiming on more than one occasion that he has no idea why he was banned from the platform in June 2020 — he's kept surprisingly hush-hush regarding his exact feelings towards Twitch. That is, of course, until now. 

During a July 26 stream — captured by Dexerto — the Two-Time vented about his feelings toward Twitch, specifically addressing how "easy" it is to be a successful content creator on the platform. In his rant, the Doc mentioned a surprising content creator as an example of someone who "doesn't have to try on Twitch" — fellow streamer and friend of the Doc, TimTheTatman.

"Literally, he's got 50,000 people watching him watch other people play solo games who suck," the Doc said, presumably referring to solo matches in "Warzone." He added, "If we were on Twitch right now, we would have 100,000 people." The Doc is clearly frustrated by the limitations of streaming on YouTube, which he referred to as having a "wannabe community infrastructure," but what could this rant mean for his friendship with TimTheTatman?


Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman have a complicated relationship

Apparently frustrated with the difficulties of streaming on YouTube instead of Twitch, the Doc explained, "On YouTube, I gotta, like, reach out to my team, I gotta make a whole bunch of calls. 'What's the algorithm today?' ... and we still get buried behind 'Roblox' and 'Minecraft.'"


As with any internet personality as brazen and outspoken as Dr Disrespect, drama is inevitable. It also seemed inevitable that the Doc would eventually open up about his feelings toward his former streaming platform, but it's somewhat surprising that he would loop longtime friend TimTheTatman into his rant. The two have a long history of playing "Warzone" together, with both streamers regularly — and hilariously — ribbing one another. Of course, after the Doc was banned from Twitch for still-unknown reasons, their cooperative gameplay sessions came to an end. Tim has addressed his feelings about not being able to play with the Doc, admitting during a stream that he wasn't sure if he could even play with the Two-Time off-stream.


Tim has also opened up about what made him and Doc such great "Warzone" teammates: their often humorously antagonistic banter. The streamer admitted, "That's why we always played so well together. It was just good comedy." While Tim admitted that he missed the Doc in an emotional clip, he said that he was glad that he could still "give him s*** on Twitter." And clearly, the Doc can still dish out the burns on YouTube.

Hopefully, the Doc's comments don't lead to any drama between the two friends. Maybe one day, fans can watch the two frenemies crack jokes at one another once again.