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This Limited Edition Accessory Finally Makes The Xbox Series S Portable

With several new handheld systems releasing in 2021, dedicated portable gaming consoles are coming back in a big way, and it looks like Microsoft might have their own entry – in a certain sense. Xbox Australia announced a limited edition Xbox Series S suitcase that comes equipped with a monitor, making the console easier to pack and play than ever before.

The new portable setup was revealed on the official Xbox ANZ Twitter account, and the entire project is a promotion for the recent arrival of "Microsoft Flight Simulator" on the Xbox Series X|S. Inside the suitcase, which was designed by the Australian luggage company July, gamers will find foam seating for an Xbox Series S, two controllers, and a built-in monitor. The suitcase resembles an Xbox Series S with an attractive eggshell design, complete with a travel handle, wheels, and a combination lock.

All of this may sound like a dream come true for Xbox fans and "Microsoft Flight Simulator" enthusiasts, but it will likely prove tricky to acquire for anyone not currently living in Australia. Here is how some gamers can enter to win the most air travel-friendly Xbox ever designed.

The Series S suitcase is being given away to influencers and one lucky Australian gamer

To enter to win the Xbox Series S suitcase, all gamers need to do is retweet the original Twitter post and announce the first place they will fly in "Microsoft Flight Simulator" for the Xbox. However, the terms and conditions included in a follow-up tweet reveal an essential requirement: to be eligible to win, entrants must be a resident of Australia or New Zealand.

Several Australian influencers and media organizations received one of the portable Xbox Series S suitcases, such as Kosta Andreadis, Shannon Grixti of Press Start Australia, and AusGamers. However, it appears that the promotional consoles, including the one being given away on Twitter, will be it. Xbox Australia has not announced plans to retail the Xbox Series S suitcase.

While that might be disappointing to anyone holding out hope for a chance to purchase a portable Xbox, the reason why the console won't be sold traditionally might be hidden in the terms and conditions. The Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator Suitcase is valued at AU$3,282, or around $2,400, which may be a bit out of reach for the average consumer.

That said, the tech giant has made unique Xbox Series X|S crossover designs available to the public before. In June 2021, Microsoft took the Xbox refrigerator memes to the next level when they made good on their promise to make the Xbox Mini Fridge a reality. Maybe the official Xbox Series S Suitcase could be next.