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Death Stranding: Director's Cut - What We Know So Far

"Death Stranding" creator Hideo Kojima revealed to Time that he drew inspiration from his own experiences of loneliness and isolation to bring his take on post-apocalyptic America to life. Sony and Kojima Productions seek to draw gamers back into that divided nation with "Death Stranding: Director's Cut."


Kojima said he didn't like the name "Director's Cut" because it implied that the original "Death Stranding" wasn't a finished product. He spoke of the game as a fully realized vision without restraints. Plus, the content designed for the new experience was not removed from the initial release — it's entirely new content created for the remaster. Rather than a traditional director's cut, it functions more like an "ultimate edition," as "Persona 5 Royal" is to "Persona 5."

What does "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" have to offer new and returning players? Here's what we know so far.

What is the release date for Death Stranding: Director's Cut?

Sony first teased "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" at E3 2021. About a month later, a PlayStation Blog post revealed that the game would release on September 24, 2021 for the PlayStation 5. 

Players can pick up the original version of "Death Stranding" on PlayStation 4 and PC, so the Director's Cut might come to PC in the future. However, it'll launch as a PS5 exclusive. According to the release date announcement, owners of the original PS4 game can upgrade to the "Death Stranding: Director's Cut – Digital Deluxe Edition" for $10. Also, PS4 save data transfers, so returning gamers can access new content without needing to replay the entire game. 


"Death Stranding: Director's Cut" arrives after Kojima claimed he wouldn't continue the story established in the first installment. If a "Death Stranding" sequel ever released, it would function as a spin-off set in the same world. Kojima designed "Death Stranding" to stand on its own, even if the Director's Cut expands on the experience.

Is there a trailer for Death Stranding: Director's Cut?

There are two "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" trailers. In the Teaser Trailer that aired at E3 2021, protagonist Sam Porter Bridges infiltrates what appears to be a warehouse with his familiar shoulder-straining carrying case on his back. Then, he spills some oranges out of a box and hops in – a nod to the popular "Metal Gear Solid" joke about Solid Snake and his tendency to sneak around in a cardboard box


PlayStation later dropped the "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" Pre-Order Trailer. The video, which aired during Sony's July 2021 State of Play, showcased more additions to the game along with a suspenseful, husky voiceover from the main character himself. Many commenters on YouTube gushed over the enhanced graphics and added features, excited at the prospect of replaying an expanded and remastered "Death Stranding." Others complained about the PS5 exclusivity and upgrade cost.

What's the gameplay like in Death Stranding: Director's Cut?

Upgraded melee and weapons are just a few of the additions showcased in the Pre-Order Trailer. Combat boosts include new moves to use in fights, and the list of new weapons features the maser gun for electrocuting enemies and mounted machine guns for sustained fire. The fresh Firing Range offers training exercises for practicing Porters, and the "Fragile Circuit" mode challenges players with go-kart-like races across wasteland highways. 


Beyond these aspects, it seems the action-adventure, stealth focus of the original game will remain in tact. Additional missions, modes, and extended storylines will enhance the experience but not change it at its core (via PlayStation.Blog). "The new content isn't simply bolted on either, it's been carefully woven into the core game experience and will be made available through discovery as you play," assured Kojima Productions' Head of Publishing Jay Boor.

Boor also mentioned that online features like Friend Play and Leaderboards will debut in the Director's Cut. You can expect the studio to share more information about these aspects as the release date draws closer.