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Why Dream's Instagram Pic Is Breaking The Internet

Dream, the popular "Minecraft" streamer who keeps his face off the internet, has just given fans a taste of what he looks like. Details about Dream's life and what he looks like are rare, but now fans have a glimpse of his hairstyle thanks to an Instagram post from August 8.

The picture included a "Minecraft" diamond sword, an LED Dream light, and a framed tweet from GeorgeNotFound, another "Minecraft" content creator. The image's caption read "got your discs" and showed Dream holding several discs in the picture to hide his face. As a faceless streamer, it's not unusual for Dream to obscure his identity, but he did let one piece of his appearance slip.

However, fans were quick to notice that part of Dream's hair is out of his hoodie — so much so that it almost seems intentional. A day prior to the Instagram post, Dream tweeted out, "I'm not bald." Many commenters took the Instagram post as proof of Dream's tweet declaration. He also posted a similar picture on Twitter with a new caption: "'Minecraft' is so cool."

Some people think this could be a hint that some kind of face reveal is coming up soon, and it's not too far-fetched of an idea. This isn't the first time Dream or his fans have discussed a potential face reveal event.

Could the picture be a sign of a future face reveal?

A few months ago, Dream squashed some fake face reveal drama circulating online. However, shortly before those rumors began, Dream mentioned that he wanted to do a face reveal. Not only did he want to show the world his face, but he knew just how he wanted to do it.

Some people thought that the Instagram picture could be hinting at a reveal, and Twitter users ran wild with ideas. While some users memed the idea, a face reveal stream would be a fitting way for Dream to take his career to the next level. Fans definitely tried to find his face in the cryptic image — one even used the hole in the middle of the disc in the picture to try and find a hint at who the streamer is. Others looked everywhere for hidden meanings and subliminal messages in the two pictures.

One of Dream's friends, Corpse Husband, is also a faceless internet celebrity. Corpse commented on Dream's picture with a cryptic message: "something about faceless leos." Plenty of Dream's other friends commented on the post as well, including Valkyrae and TimTheTatman.