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The Untold Truth Of Adept

AdeptTheBest, usually just known as Adept, cemented a reputation in the streaming community for her strong-willed, outgoing online persona and love for competitive games. Some fans may know her from her relationship with the sometimes shady streamer xQc. Fans still might not know her full name (just Sam or Sammy), but she has plenty of other information out in the open. 


Adept has a long track record of gaming accomplishments and expertise. She has over 450k followers on Twitch and even more fans across her other social platforms. She calls herself a variety streamer and plays games like "Grand Theft Auto 5," "Valorant," and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive." Many streamers and gaming enthusiasts play these popular games, but that doesn't mean Adept doesn't stand out from the crowd. In fact, there are a few lesser-known details that separate Adept from her fellow streamers.

Here are a few facts about Adept that you might not know.

Adept learned about streaming from an Xbox Call of Duty lobby

Adept talked about how she started streaming in an introduction video for Gen.G Esports. She heard about Twitch in "Call of Duty" lobbies, where others would often bring up the streaming service and link to their channels. At first, Adept started her channel to bring more people into her "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto" lobbies. Twitch streaming was just a casual hobby at the time and not something she realized would dominate her future.


Adept gave a shout-out to "Overwatch" as the game that really boosted the momentum in her career. She started turning on her streams more often whenever she played games. Then, she noticed the same viewers popping up in her streams, which started to make her feel more connected with her audience. 

Since then, Adept has expanded into other games like "Valorant," "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," and "Among Us." However, she can still be found playing "Grand Theft Auto 5" and other old favorites on her Twitch channel

Adept majored in Business Administration and Interior Design

Like many young adults, Adept went to college before deciding to dive into professional streaming full-time. She was in the middle of completing a double major in Business Administration and Interior Design when she ditched school for games. However, as per her Gen.G Esports interview, she still wants to start her own business and dabble in interior design — maybe even merging the two disciplines.


"I just have a lot of dreams and I want to go after all of it," the streaming star said. However, she explained that she wants to take advantage of the momentum she has in the gaming world before she moves on to another business.

Adept does have aptitude when it comes to marketing, even if she hasn't cemented a business idea. She's amassed thousands of followers and juggles an active presence on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Fans can only wait and see if she eventually circles back to her business and interior design roots.

Adept and xQc were secretly dating for a long time before finally going public

Adept and Felix "xQc" Lengyel were both famous in their own right before they started dating. However, once the two became roommates, the rumors began. Many suspected way beforehand that the two were more than just roommates, but they denied it as long as they could. The two later admitted that they'd been dating without fans realizing after they were caught kissing on camera.


The two seemed amicable on stream, despite whatever controversy was going on behind scenes. However, xQc and Adept recently split and got the rumor mill turning due to reasons that they aren't sharing on social media. For now, xQc has asked that fans be respectful and Adept has echoed that sentiment. Though we might never know what really happened, they have made it clear on social media that they still respect each other and don't want any harm to come out of their breakup. 

Adept met Kobe Bryant during a stunt to get him to sign her sister's shoes

Adept met basketball superstar Kobe Bryant before the latter passed in 2020. Dexerto reported on her heartwarming story about how she met Bryant during one of her younger sister's basketball games, which she recounted on stream.  


In a now-deleted stream (described by Dexerto), Adept described the time Bryant watched her sister's basketball game while he was in the area to see a high school play with his daughter. She and her sister were big fans of his, so they devised a plan to bypass his security guard for an autograph. Adept distracted a security guard while her sister slipped past to ask Bryant for his signature. The star athlete obliged, telling her "good job today" and agreeing to sign her shoes. Adept also thanked Byant for him how much of an influence he had on her life. 

"He was so calm and chill," Adept said, according to Dexerto. "That man and his daughter's smile were so big and so bright."

Understandably, Adept was gutted to find out about Bryant's tragic death in a helicopter crash with his daughter, Gianni. 


Adept struggled in school because she was ahead of her peers

HealthyGamerGG, a podcast and YouTube channel hosted by psychiatrist and gamer Dr. K, interviewed Adept about her early school life. There, Adept opened up about her experiences as a "gifted kid" in elementary and middle school.


She moved to a different school district that supposedly had a more advanced curriculum than her old one. However, this new school was actually at a comparable level, so she was stuck relearning the same material and felt ahead of her peers. Unfortunately, without the challenge, young Adept had trouble staying focused on school and teachers started to think of her as a problem child. She scored high on standardized tests and knew most of the information needed to pass her classes, but struggled to hold interest because the material wasn't challenging enough and her teachers didn't give her much encouragement.

Some of these painful experiences shaped her thoughts of herself and even influenced her handle, AdeptTheBest.


"I know what I'm capable of and I know what I want to achieve. I don't want to live within your boundaries anymore. So that's where the name AdeptTheBest came from," she told Dr. K.