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NickMercs Reveals His True Thoughts On Apex Legends

It's common knowledge that "Call of Duty: Warzone" has a hacking problem that it just can't shake, and last week, that issue cost the game one of its biggest names, NickMercs. When NickMercs decided he was finished with "Warzone," he started investing a lot more time into "Apex Legends," and he has plenty of positive thoughts about his new game of choice.

In a YouTube video, NickMercs laid out why he thought "Apex Legends" was a better fit for him and urged members of his community of viewers to give it a shot. He explained that while "Apex Legends" still plays the same as it has for years, its ranked mode gives players a better-structured goal to strive towards. His assessment of his time with the game was glowing, stating, "[Apex Legends'] ranked mode is top-tier. I've been having so much fun playing that."

Beyond that, NickMercs explained, "I feel like it has me more locked in than I have been in years. I have something to grind for. I'm passionate about being competitive." He ended his comments with a strong recommendation that anyone who feels uninspired with what they find themselves playing now give the game a shot.

Having popular streamers such as NickMercs not only leave "Call of Duty: Warzone" but also give an endorsement to one of its biggest competitors is a troubling sign. Here is why NickMercs ended up switching to "Apex Legends."

NickMercs has made his issues with cheating in Warzone known for some time

NickMercs quit "Warzone" last week after explaining on YouTube video that he had to "do what's best for me. I gotta have fun doing what I'm doing." He went on to say that the popular battle royale game was in a "really bad spot" and noted that there wasn't any reason to think that the out-of-control hacking situation would improve at any point soon.

To his credit, NickMercs didn't give up on the game easily and has made his issues with it know for quite some time. In March 2021, NickMercs unloaded on the developers of "Warzone," warning in a YouTube video that the game was broken. He urged Activision to take control of the issue but stated that he was unsure if that was even feasible considering how out-of-hand the problem already was.

The streamer was also pushed to interact with the issue in a bizarre way when NickMercs was one of the well-known players forced to cheat in "Warzone" against their knowledge. Hackers managed to gain access to his account and boost his level to 1,000, unlocking every weapon and skin available. While certain unlocks, such as the Dark Matter camo, did amuse NickMercs, it was a revealing look at how widespread the hacking issue had become in "Call of Duty: Warzone."