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Pokimane Reveals The Game She Would Want To Live In - Exclusive

Pokimane's infrequent but fascinating room tours have given fans an intimate look at the space that the Twitch and YouTube personality calls home. Viewers have been granted extensive looks at the decor that Pokimane uses to brighten her living space, awards she has received from streaming platforms, and, as a highlight for many gamers, her gaming setup.

Of course, as a professional streamer, the high-end gaming rig that Pokimane keeps in her room is a gateway to the other worlds in which she spends her time, broadcasting her video game session out to her millions of followers. Pokimane casts a wide net with the games she chooses to play. She rose to prominence as a popular "League of Legends" streamer, but she can often seen playing popular titles like "Fortnite" or "Valorant."

SVG sat down with Pokimane for an exclusive interview ahead of her appearance in "Free Guy," a film in which the main character, Guy (Ryan Reynolds), learns he is simply an NPC living in a "Grand Theft Auto Online"-style game world. Keeping that in mind, SVG asked Pokimane which game she would like to live in, and the streamer gave some revealing answers.

Pokimane thinks she would be happiest in Pokémon

When asked which game she would like to live in, Pokimane quickly gave an answer that evoked her famous handle.

Pokimane said, "The one that I'd want to be in is probably 'Pokémon.' I would love to wake up in a world where I have these animals slash pets that are also on my team, and we fight bad guys together." One of the real appeals for Pokimane of living in the 'Pokémon' world would be the ability to forge connections with the colorful characters the game is famous for. The streamer continued, "You have all these cute, wholesome interactions with other people in your village or city and across the world."

When SVG asked what game she thought she would fit into best, if she were really honest with herself, Pokimane actually chose another virtual world to call home. She explained, "As to which game I'd actually belong in, maybe something a little bit more laid back like 'Animal Crossing.' [That] sounds like leading a good life. You have some friends in the village and just hang out. Or 'Harvest Moon.' Any of those types of games."

While she was ready to live in a virtual world like "Animal Crossing," she did have one inhabitant she was eager to avoid: Tom Nook, the tanuki shopkeeper. When asked about the infamously shrewd business animal, Pokimane said simply, "What a pest."

"Free Guy" is now playing in theaters nationwide.