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Amouranth Reveals Terrifying Arson Attempt On Her Home

Life as a streamer is not all that it may seem. While many might dream of a life playing video games or chatting with a captive audience, fame can come with its fair share of risks. When a person has millions of adoring followers, there's a high probability that some of those individuals may take their fandom too far and attempt to break boundaries. Famed Twitch streamer Amouranth recently had a close call that was potentially a dangerous example of a follower getting out of hand.

On August 14, Amouranth told users on Twitter that part of her home had caught fire the night before. The incident is under investigation, though she was informed that someone likely committed arson. Considering some of the run-ins she's had with obsessed fans in the past, such a scenario seems quite possible.

In a follow-up tweet, Amouranth explained how she found herself in a similar situation in 2020 when "someone tried to shoot fireworks AT [her] house under the guise of July 4th festivities." Though this attempt was foiled, it's scary to imagine there are people out there who are willing to go to such extremes to harm an entertainer. Fortunately, she and her pets are safe, but whoever may have been involved with this latest incident is still at large.

Indeed, fandom can be a scary thing. Luckily, not all fans have such ill intentions.

Fans show their sympathy for Amouranth on Twitter

Plenty of supportive fans on Twitter showed up to remind her that there are many followers who are positive and respectful. One user expressed sympathy by stating, "I'm sorry that you and other streamers have to go through this type of stuff Amo. I'm glad everyone is okay." Another wrote, "I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this and that this is a reoccuring [sic] thing you have to deal with."

Sadly, Amouranth has had to endure some of the worst examples of fandom all too often. Through a string of tweets, she informed users that she is frequently swatted and has been working with "local law enforcement" to keep herself safe. In a more bizarre example, one of Amouranth's fans took things too far by assuming they were engaged and went so far as to fly to her hometown. After arriving, this person proceeded to bombard her with texts.

Between all the harassment and criticism she faces regularly, Amouranth almost quit streaming at one point, but she continues to move forward in her career. She closed her Twitter thread on the arson incident by warning others who stream to actively work with police to ensure they are well-protected.