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The Scary Way One Of Amouranth's Fans Took It Too Far

Amouranth recently sat down with Ethan Klein of the H3 Podcast to discuss her experiences on Twitch, as well as her personal life. In the process, she revealed a harrowing story about a fan who took things way too far. 


Twitch viewers might know Amouranth from her involvement in the hot tub meta controversy, as well as her high profile ban from streaming due to her participation in the ASMR meta. However, while viewers likely know about Amouranth's Twitch exploits, and the many clones she inspired, they might not know about the real life situation that scared the streamer and encouraged her to be more careful in the future.

During their chat, Klein mentioned rumors that Amouranth was married, asking her to clarify the situation. As it turns out, Amouranth isn't married, but she did have a stalker that tracked her down to try to have an impromptu wedding. Amouranth explained, "Like I actually had a guy — this is kind of crazy — who was convinced that we were engaged. And he flew to Houston and was messaging me like, 'When are you gonna come pick me up from the airport?'" 


Amouranth seemed to take the incident in stride, recalling the situation calmly. "And he just kept harassing my DMs, like he had convinced himself — I've never talked to this person — he was just constantly like, 'come to my hotel,' 'we're engaged,' 'why are you avoiding me?' ... What a psycho," Amouranth said.

An old Reddit post sparked rumors about Amouranth

Rather than offer their sympathies, it seems like many viewers thought Amouranth's stalker story might have been a ploy for her to cover up the truth. "People [in the chat] are saying you're dodging the question of if you're married or not," Klein shared


Amouranth speculated that the chat might be referring to an old post on Reddit that kicked off a whole conspiracy theory. The Reddit post in question contained a modified word document that claimed to be a chat between her and a mod, indicating they were married. Klein read the entire document, eventually requesting music and adopting a performative tone to highlight the dramatic nature of the exchange.

Ultimately, Amouranth clarified that she didn't have time for marriage, and that dating wasn't even a priority right now. Whether her fans choose to believe her or not is an entirely different story.

Of course, Amouranth isn't the only streamer to deal with harassment online. T-Pain has frequently called out toxic gamers on his channel, and Pokimane has shared just a few of the toxic messages viewers sent her. Amouranth continues to shrug off these kinds of comments, living her life and continuing to produce mega-popular content on Twitch.