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The Game That Pokimane Thinks Is Perfect For A Chaotic Run - Exclusive

Video gaming is a medium that invites players to perfect their skills, experience compelling narratives, and test the boundaries of imaginary worlds with their own sets of unique rules. The intersection of trends such as open-world environments, streaming culture, and large-scale multiplayer has created a landscape where some of the most exciting interactions come from players approaching the game in the wrong way.

The recent Ryan Reynolds film, "Free Guy," subtly acknowledges this phenomenon. In "Free Guy," Ryan Reynolds plays the titular Guy, an NPC in a "Grand Theft Auto Online"-style game. While Guy lives contentedly unaware of the artificial nature of his environment, his eyes are opened to the reality of his situation after an encounter with Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer), the alter ego of one of the game's original programmers. However, Molotov Girl warns Guy that the game is set to be deactivated, and only he can help her save the only world he has ever known.

To do this, Guy needs to start playing the game wrong. In doing so, he garners a lot of attention, both from within his virtual world and from the outside. Some of that attention comes from the real-world streamers featured in the film, including Pokimane. With that in mind, SVG joined Pokimane for an exclusive interview and asked her what game she thought was best to play the wrong way.

Pokimane thinks that Detroit: Become Human has some great opportunities to cause chaos

When asked what game she felt presented the best opportunity to play in a way other than the developers might have intended, Pokimane had a surprising choice: the 2018 adventure game "Detroit: Become Human."

Pokimane explained, "It's kind of a storyline or a decision-making-based game where everything you decide to do impacts the end story or whatever happens." The game's branching pathways mean that decisions made early on can have significant consequences down the line. The streamer continued, "I like to sometimes do just a chaotic run of that game where you make the craziest decisions, or you don't care who you're killing off just to see what happens."

Of course, when a game allows for that much freedom, some of the results that emerge from those choices can be upsetting, and "Detroit: Become Human" features a few character arcs that have caused serious fan backlash. That's why, Pokimane said, "It's nice that you can always restart, take a more pacifist angle and explore the different endings, depending on what you choose to do."

If there's one thing that games can provide, it's a space to make risky choices without having them impact the real world. It sounds like Pokimane has found an excellent way to do just that with her chaotic runs through "Detroit: Become Human."