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Apex Legends Caves To Fan Demand Over Newest Legend

"Apex Legends" Season 9 had a rough start, and Season 10 seems to be following that trend thanks to its latest legend. Seer, the newest playable character in "Apex Legends," caused some commotion with his Heart Seeker ability. He can sense the heartbeats of his enemies and "see" their locations like an all-knowing radar. It seemed like an interesting idea at first, but players quickly found that the implementation weighed too far in favor of the new legend. Now, a new patch might change the way Seer plays, satisfying fans in the process.

Some players claimed that juggling Seer's abilities allowed players to almost always know where enemies were on the map. In many first-person shooters, positioning means gaining an advantage through ambushes, rotations, and other location-based strategies. Seer changed how "Apex Legends" gamers approached the multiplayer FPS, and some weren't happy about it. Players complained about how Seer was a "bad idea" for reasons including his fast-charging ultimate abilities, potential to foil any ambush, and unusually long range. However, Respawn listened to fan complaints and ultimately caved.

A new "Apex Legends'" update significantly reworked Seer's abilities and addressed the concerns of the player base. In its announcement tweet, Respawn listed all its changes to Seer's passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. 

How the recent update changed Seer

Seer remains true to his original design, though players might need to reconsider their timing. Heart Seeker, Seer's passive ability, enables him to see hidden players via heartbeat within a specific range. According to Respawn, the ability now has a longer wait time between sensor spikes, a shorter range, and a smaller field of view.

Meanwhile, his tactical ability Focus of Attention now has a longer detonation time with fewer consequences for affected players. Focus of Attention damages and tracks enemies with drones, revealing their locations and remaining health. The drones also interrupt abilities like healing. Respawn says that players marked by the ability will "no longer take damage or be flashed." Using Focus of Attention also slows players while in use.

Last but not least, Seer's ultimate ability Exhibit creates a dome that reveals the location of anyone inside the place where its cast. Respawn increased the cooldown from 90 to 120 seconds. Other miscellaneous fixes, which weren't detailed in the tweet, were also included in the patch.

One of the biggest unaddressed complaints is Seer's ability to interrupt healing on enemy teams. Respawn didn't change Seer's potential to interrupt healing, but another patch down the road could fix that. For now, Respawn has delighted a number of its players with a much-appreciated balancing update that should shift the meta into a more reasonable state.