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The Untold Truth Of DrLupo

With 4.5 million Twitch followers and almost 2 million YouTube subscribers, DrLupo has become quite a popular name around the streaming scene. However, he didn't just spring up over the past few months; DrLupo has been steadily gaining recognition. Last year, he was even part of the Twitter feud that sent Ninja into a rage — on Ninja's side, of course.


DrLupo isn't just taking down noobs in battle royale lobbies. According to Esports Observer, DrLupo raised over $10 million for St. Jude Children's Hospital, which is the most money a single content creator has contributed to the children's hospital. He hit the milestone in December 2020 when he raised $2.3 million in just a single day.

The streamer was one of the first to make the massive jump from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, signing an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube in August 2021. The switch should help him make some desirable lifestyle changes. 

DrLupo is leaving Twitch for a better lifestyle

It's no secret that streaming can be a grueling career. Between the long hours and the time it takes away from other areas of your life, streaming full-time wears on content creators. Being on camera for viewers has a certain amount of pressure, even if you're playing video games, and it isn't always a win-win. Even super successful streamers like Pokimane can feel burnt out after time.


DrLupo has also expressed concerns over the time sink that streaming on Twitch requires, going so far as to leave the platform entirely. He signed a deal with YouTube gaming that paid royally, and it will also give him more freedom over the types of content he'll produce.

The YouTube Gaming deal is securing his family for life, in terms of finances. This, combined with the fact that he doesn't have to worry about viewer numbers while being live, will also give the creator more room to branch out and try different kinds of content.

Ninja helped DrLupo grow his streaming career

Ninja and DrLupo have been friends for years, and their relationship is just as close in real life as it is on the screen. In fact, Ninja may have given a jumpstart to DrLupo's career years ago.

DrLupo tweeted out the infamous moment where Ninja decided to invite DrLupo to duo together. The video shows off DrLupo getting a crazy grenade kill, lobbing it perfectly to take out Ninja while Ninja was busy shooting at him in "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds."  Ninja was a bit stunned for a few seconds while he took the moment in. The two then duo-queued together, and the start of their friendship blossomed. Ninja was already a pretty popular streamer at that point, and his friendship more than likely boosted DrLupo's popularity once they kept playing together.


Years down the road, the two are still so close that Ninja was one of the first people DrLupo called when his father passed away and the first to fly and see him afterward, according to an interview DrLupo did with Redbull.

DrLupo's family is supportive of his career

Being a streamer isn't necessarily easy, and it can take a toll on the people you're close to. Streamers that spend a ton of time on the camera every day spend even less time with their family. However, while DrLupo won't have to work punishing hours anymore, he's received a ton of support while he's been grinding his way to the top.


When DrLupo announced that his father passed away in 2018, he mentioned that his dad was very supportive of his career and how hard he had worked to get there. DrLupo's brother also appears on his channel every now and then, playing games with him, along with his wife and even his young children

His wife is known as MrsDrLupo on social media, and she's very vocal about supporting her husband. She's appeared on his channel several times, playing games with — and without – him and discussing how their relationship functions alongside his career. 

DrLupo met his wife in the most romcom way

DrLupo and MrsDrLupo met in a story that sounds like it came straight out of a romcom, and the two laughed about the experience in an interview with Healthy Gamer GG.

According to MrsDrLupo, she lived in an apartment that was across the hall from one of DrLupo's childhood friends. One day, she was struggling with her car outside and getting pretty frustrated because it wouldn't work — she even called it a "POS." Meanwhile, DrLupo happened to be on the way to his childhood friend's apartment to watch a movie, and he and another friend stop to give some help. After the situation was fixed, they invited MrsDrLupo to the watch party, and she accepted.


While she recounted the experience by saying that DrLupo was awkwardly staring at her and trying to join in her conversations, DrLupo argued that he just stole a few glances. The two became friends, and everything after that is history.

DrLupo's name is both a joke and a tribute

No, DrLupo isn't actually a doctor. However, his name is based on someone who did hold a doctorate degree: his father.

DrLupo's father was a professor at the university that DrLupo went to. In an interview with Redbull, DrLupo mentioned that his university friends would call him DrLupo as a joke when they were playing games. In the minds of DrLupo's friends, they could imagine being quick-scoped by the actual professor Dr. Lupo, who wasn't very into videogames despite all of his kids loving them, according to an interview with Business Insider.


DrLupo also mentioned in the interview that he believes people pass away twice. Once, when their physical bodies are gone, and again when everyone quits talking about them. By naming himself online after his father, he can keep his father's legacy going as well as feel close to him.