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The Real Reason Ninja Went Into A Twitter Rage

Another day brings another bit of drama in the streaming world. However, this latest argument has sprung up over an unlikely subject: charity livestreams. In a clip that has gained quite a bit of traction on Reddit, noted streamer xQc claimed that "most charities" actually pay the streamers who participate in them. This has led to many fans believing that the altruistic actions of some of their favorite streamers were, in fact, done for profit. It also led to Ninja getting involved, which is when things got extra heated.


DrLupo, who raised more than $2 million last year for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, disputed this assertion. Along with a screenshot from a Reddit thread of people discussing xQc's claims, Dr Lupo tweeted, "I've never been paid to raise money for @StJude. Just wanted to be sure that was clear."

In response to DrLupo's post, xQc explained that the clip has taken on a bit of a viral nature and doesn't fully express his opinion on the subject. As xQc elaborated, "some of it was severly [sic] out of context but I think most people understood that top of the line charities with a good charity navigator score don't operate this way."

Basically, xQc's point seemed to be that there are people who operate charities in this way, but that content creators partnering with more legitimate charity organizations wouldn't find themselves in that position. DrLupo acknowledged xQc's explanation, which might have been where the drama ended. However, it was just getting started.


Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife and manager, called xQc's statements "trash," adding, "I've literally never heard of a single streamer getting paid to raise money."

In retaliation, xQc accused her of only half-listening to the clip and "virtue signaling" to make herself look better. After a few more barbs back and forth between the two, xQc said, "Of course I was going to answer sweetie ... You should teach me a thing or 2 about fundraisers i'm sure you know a thing or two about raising funds. I mean, these gucci bags don't pay for themselves."

This was what finally got Ninja's attention, leading him into a direct Twitter confrontation with xQc. In addition to defending his wife's work ethic, he said, "We have donated millions to charity, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop being a piece of s—t." 

Jessica added onto this by calling xQc "sexist." According to Jessica, she didn't appreciate being called "sweetie" or the insinuation that she didn't work for what she has.

This led to esports journalist Rod Breslau seemingly attempting to cool things down by suggesting that Ninja and xQc should play against one another in a charity stream. That's when Alinity got involved, making a joke about how Ninja's team would lose.


Ninja's response almost broke the internet: "Don't you have another cat to abuse?"

Ninja is of course referring to the infamous incidents between Alinity and her cats on stream. Alinity has come under fire for the treatment of her pets, including one case where she spit vodka into her cat's mouth and another instance of her tossing her cat over her head during a stream. Both of these incidents have led to calls for her to be banned from Twitch, but she has been cleared of any wrongdoing following investigations into the matter. In other words, Ninja's clap back was meant to seriously hit hard.

After Ninja brought this up, Alinity accused him of being unable to take a simple joke. She also called Ninja "the most toxic person in gaming."

Maybe the most embarrassing thing about all of this is that many of these comments are under DrLupo's original post, which tagged @StJude. That means that much of the thread is also directed at the official Twitter account for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. That's not exactly a great look for everyone involved. Still, hopefully the original beef has been squashed, considering xQc attempted to explain his original comments in a clearer context.

Even considering the argument between the Ninja and the other streamers, Ninja seemed to more on edge that usual during this conversation. This wouldn't be the first time that Ninja has gotten into a dust-up with fellow content creators, of course. However, it's worth remembering that tensions are running rather high in the streaming world these days.


While this particular Twitter war got a bit out of hand, it is good to see that a lot of content creators in the gaming industry are trying to do their part to help out those in need. Hopefully this blow-up between streamers will not discourage fans from giving to charity when it feels right.