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Meet DrLupo's Wife, MrsDrLupo

The streaming world got another shakeup when DrLupo announced that he planned to stop broadcasting on Twitch, a platform where he had amassed 4.5 million viewers, and would instead stream exclusively with YouTube Gaming. While his decision to abandon the dominant streaming platform was a surprise for many, DrLupo soon revealed the real reason he chose to leave Twitch — a desire to spend more time with his family and explore new types of content.


DrLupo's family is a very visible part of his identity as a streamer. It isn't uncommon for the DrLupo, whose real name is Ben Lupo, to include his son Charlie on his channel. In fact, the close relationship between DrLupo and Ninja means that despite his young age, Charlie has played with some of the biggest names in the streaming.

Completing the Lupo family is DrLupo's wife and Charlie's mother, MrsDrLupo, real name Samantha. Like the significant others to many other streamers, fans don't see nearly as much of MrsDrLupo as they do of DrLupo, but she remains a vital part of the business and community that DrLupo has built over the years. Here is everything fans need to know about MrsDrLupo.

MrsDrLupo and DrLupo have an adorable story of meeting for the first time

DrLupo began streaming on Twitch in 2015, and since then has become one of the platform's most visible stars, raised millions for charities such as St. Jude Children's Hospital, and been named one of the most influential people on the internet by TIME. Along with him for that entire journey, and much of what came before, has been MrsDrLupo.


The two were married in 2010, but they met a few years before that, in 2007, per Business Insider. They first met during a chance meeting as DrLupo was on his way to a friend's house to watch a version of "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan" that had been dubbed by RiffTrax. However, it wasn't precisely "Star Trek" that brought the couple together.

MrsDrLupo and DrLupo went into greater detail regarding their first encounter when they appeared on HealthyGamersGG. MrsDrLupo explained that while in college, she lived in a duplex that also housed one of DrLupo's childhood friends. On the fateful day that DrLupo was headed to watch "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan," he noticed a young woman yelling at and maybe even kicking her nonfunctioning car.


After DrLupo and his friends helped her get her car to a working state, they invited her over to watch the movie with them. They met properly at that event, and while they didn't start dating right away, a relationship would develop soon enough, and three years later, the pair would marry.

MrsDrLupo has been an essential part of managing DrLupo's streaming career

Building an audience that engages millions is a difficult task no matter what the platform. While streaming services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming offer fans unique access to the personalities they tune in to see, managing the community that forms around that is a big job. As DrLupo's channels grew, he often depended on MrsDrLupo to help him manage aspects of the business that developed around the DrLupo brand.


Business Insider noted that in 2018, MrsDrLupo ran a photography business while also managing "her husband's Twitch channel, fielding inquiries and overseeing the entire DrLupo operation." While some of those responsibilities likely were diminished when DrLupo joined fellow streamers Ninja and CouRage with the esports management firm Loaded in 2019, per Variety, MrsDrLupo has remained active in the business.

A profile by St. Jude described her current role in the business as deeply involved, as she still "negotiates contracts, merchandising and branding for the stream with more than 6 million followers across Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube." In addition, she is deeply involved in the family's charity efforts, including raising money for the Fragile X Foundation to help individuals with chromosomal abnormalities and involvement with St. Jude, which has raised 8.8 million dollars over three years.


Her contributions to the business are seen as pivotal by DrLupo, who said, "Without her, I am nothing. She does an astronomical amount of work to support everything: me, the stream, the brand, our family."

MrsDrLupo hosts her own talk show called The Magic Word

While the husband and wife team puts a lot of effort into making sure that DrLupo has the space to create content that helps fuel the family business and their many other interests, MrsDrLupo has built a pretty stable following of her own.


Checking out her YouTube channel shows the variety of content that she has available, including streams of "The Sims 4," reaction videos, as well as arts and crafts tutorials. However, most of her followers are found on Twitch, where she hosts a talk show called "The Magic Word."

On "The Magic Word," MrsDrLupo is joined by fellow Twitch personality Seum, and the two host a variety of conversations on the program revolving around parenting, gaming, and streaming culture. Those conversations sometimes take place over sessions of "Stardew Valley" and other casual games, and they are sometimes joined by fellow content creators to discuss the issues at hand.

It will be interesting to see whether that content will continue to be hosted on Twitch now that MrsDrLupo's husband has signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming. As noted, MrsDrLupo's fanbase on Twitch is much larger than her audience on YouTube, although there is also a possibility that the family-oriented material explored in "The Magic Word" might get folded into the new content DrLupo said he hoped to produce after he made the switch to YouTube Gaming.