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The Internet Reacts To Corpse Husband's New Song

Corpse Husband is back at it again with a new song, "Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!!," and the internet is raving over it. Corpse's music career has passed some major milestones, and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Corpse's newest song is available on all music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The track features Night Lovell, a Canadian rapper that's been making music for years. The song is, as Corpse called it, a "club beat," which he mentioned came about because people had said he could never rap to a more conventional, upbeat song.

Corpse first showed off the song briefly on his first Twitch stream, which had fans over the moon with excitement. It's not just fans feeling the love, either — a lot of Corpse Husband's fellow streamers supported him on Twitter. Sykkuno was one of the first to say something right after the music dropped, along with Valkyrae. Jacksepticeye, Karl Jacobs, Fuslie, and even TinaKitten were quick to congratulate Corpse as well. Everyone had great things to say and endless support to offer the music creator. Corpse's group of friends and fans explained just how hard they wanted to dance to the new beat, offering a slew of feedback on the new track.

Fans were ready to take the song to the dance floor

It all started with Valkyrae and Jacksepticeye posting that they were "throwing it back" to the song. Fans quickly followed suit, sharing images of characters twerking, or just dancing in general. Even viral TikTok dances were thrown into the mix. One fan shared a hilarious meme with the caption "Sir it's 7am for me and I can't stop throwing it back."

Corpse fans took the opportunity to reflect on how "Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!!" referenced successes in the streamer's music career. One fan pointed out the lyrics "How you get a plaque while independent / it was in the plan," which is a reference to Corpse's "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" Gold Record.

One fan had the idea of a Corpse Husband collaboration with Bella Poarch, another popular musician who started a music career via streaming. While there's no sign of this collaboration happening, it's clear that Corpse's music career is anything but stagnant. In fact, one fan shared that the new song was already number ten on Canada's music charts only five hours after the song was released. That's pretty impressive for an independent musician like Corpse.