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Corpse Husband's First Twitch Stream Had Fans Over The Moon

Corpse Husband has officially made his Twitch debut, and his fans can't get enough of him.

After teasing the stream in a July 31 tweet, which promised guest appearances from games Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Pokimane, Corpse Husband went live later that day for a five-hour stream featuring a few different games, including "Left 4 Dead 2." Corpse Husband also used his stream to preview a new piece of music for patient fans.


It only took one Twitch stream for Corpse Husband to garner a million followers on his new account, an achievement he celebrated and shared with fans on Twitter. However, what's even more mind-blowing is the fact that he already had 900,000 Twitch followers before ever streaming on the platform, all of whom were anticipating his teased but never officially scheduled first stream.

Though he's found tons of success on YouTube as a streamer and Spotify as a musician, this first Twitch stream was still a huge step for Corpse Husband's career. Friends and fans commented on his Twitter announcement and expressed excitement for the milestone. Superstar and stream guest Valkyrae wrote, "he's glowing, he's thriving" with a confetti emoji. Twitch and Discord partner Ray C. wrote, "you deserve it corpse, happy to see you thriving :D" along with a black heart emoji. During the stream, Corpse also previewed a new song he's preparing to release. While some fans complained about his new music clip, plenty others are hyped for his next song as evidenced by the chat reactions during its reveal on stream.


Corpse Husband's Twitch Song Tease

In addition to gaming with some of the biggest names in streaming on July 31, Corpse Husband also revealed a bit of his new song, much to the delight of fans. Since he first shared a similar portion of the song through a now-deleted tweet, fans have been waiting with bated breath for his next musical pursuit. His songwriting success so far has led him to teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly, and though he has his beef with Spotify as an independent artist, his music has still passed major milestones.


As for the new song, fans just got a 15-second taste.The chat reactions came in waves of "yas" plus plenty of stickers and virtual screams of excitement. While Corpse Husband has previously mentioned stepping back from streaming and taking on new projects, it seems that fans will follow in any direction he turns. 

Following his first stream on the platform, Corpse revealed to fans that the Twitch experiment totally paid off. He took to Twitter on the evening of July 31 to share the news that his channel had reached a new milestone, tweeting, "First Twitch stream and we hit 1M followers on Twitch, thank you so much for everything, that was fun."