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Emiru Reveals The Streamer She'd Love To Game With - Exclusive

Cloud9 is one of the best-known and most respected organizations in gaming, with Forbes even naming it the world's most valuable esports company in 2018. The org has spent the better part of a decade earning that reputation by fielding top-tier competitors across various massive games, ranging from "Apex Legends" to "Super Smash Brothers Melee."

Being involved in so many different competitive environments has also helped Cloud9 attract a diverse roster of talented gamers to join its ranks. This has included some of the best-known names in streaming, such as Shroud, who played "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" competitively for Cloud9 until he retired from the game and the team in 2018. While big names like Shroud may come and go, Cloud9 has also become a home for innovative content creators like Emiru, a "League of Legends" streamer whose impressive cosplay outfits once helped inspire the design of an in-game character, the skirmisher known as Gwen.

SVG sat down with Emiru for an exclusive interview, during which she mentioned that one of the best parts of joining the Cloud9 team was the opportunity to collaborate with new streamers and content creators. While Cloud9 has given the "League of Legends" star plenty of chances to work with new faces, there are still some content creators that she hasn't had a chance to properly link up with yet. Here is the streamer that Emiru says she would love to game with.

Emiru says she would love to stream with Valkyrae

When SVG asked Emiru which streamer she would like to work with in the future, it didn't take long at all for her to come up with an answer. "I'd love to play games with Valkyrae," Emiru responded. She explained, "I do follow her, and she follows me, and I think we've interacted a couple of times, but I never really ask people to do stuff because I'm kind of shy."

Valkyrae is a well-known content creator with 100 Thieves, the esports org and lifestyle brand of which she is also a co-owner. Like Emiru, Valkyrae built an impressive following as a "League of Legends" player, and her history of collaborating with other streamers is legendary. For instance, Valkyrae's "Among Us" sessions with Corpse Husband resulted in a unique crossover event when she cameoed in the music video for "Daywalker!" alongside Machine Gun Kelly, lip-syncing the verses that Corpse Husband provided for the track.

Since both Valkyrae and Emiru have shown a willingness to go the extra mile to deliver great content for their fans, a collaboration between the two seems like an excellent match. Hopefully, the two can connect in the future — and maybe even face off in a few games.