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MrBeast Reveals To Logan Paul How He Almost Died

MrBeast, the generous YouTuber and owner of a somewhat divisive burger joint, recently took a break from commissioning $16,000 "Minecraft" houses to talk about a completely different kind of experience with fans. While guesting on Logan Paul's podcast, ImPaulsive, MrBeast shared the details of a traumatic car crash he was involved in, calling it "a really cool story." In order to "hook" the listeners, MrBeast opened the tale by saying it was about "the time [he] almost died." Immediately, Paul seemed interested. However, MrBeast's upbeat tone clearly masked the severity of his words.


After filming a video 8 hours away from home, MrBeast and his crew began their return trip, listening to podcasts and enjoying the ride. Then, the driver (who MrBeast declined to name) said, "Can we pull over to a gas station? I don't feel too good." Before the group could get off the road, MrBeast turned to see his friend's head "just bobbling." The driver had gone completely limp, unconscious with his foot still on the accelerator.

MrBeast thought his friend had fallen asleep, so he grabbed the wheel to keep the car on the road and yelled for the driver to wake up. Even another passenger hitting the driver didn't wake him up. That's when the group knew for sure something was seriously wrong. 


As the car barreled down the highway, MrBeast tried to move his friend's foot off of the gas and onto the brake, but the car's center console made that task difficult. MrBeast said that his friend was "dead," which prompted Paul to ask, "Wait, is he like, actually dead?" Unfortunately, the answer wasn't so cut and dry.

"He was literally dead"

After MrBeast managed to navigate the car to safety and off the highway, the driver woke up, stomping on the gas pedal instinctively. MrBeast swerved the steering wheel to bring the car into a concrete wall, stopping the vehicle and saving the crew from veering back into oncoming traffic. But what happened to the driver?


"To explain what happened to him," MrBeast said. "His heart just stopped beating... by all metrics he was literally dead." It turned out that the driver had a rare condition that sometimes causes his heart to stop beating, sending him into cardiac arrest. When the friend woke up, he had no clue what had happened or why the crew was parked on the side of the road.

MrBeast explained that a similar incident happened when the YouTuber was a child, when an adult accidentally left him in a car that had not been properly put in park. This past experience helped inform his response. As a kid, MrBeast didn't know what to do, so he did nothing, but as an adult he knew to be calm and get to the brakes as quickly as possible. Even though MrBeast sustained some minor injuries from the crash, everyone in the car made it out alive.


MrBeast's friend got the medical attention he needed, and after a few weeks, doctors discovered his specific heart condition and performed surgery. Without medical intervention, it's possible that MrBeast's friend could have eventually died from his condition, making the crash — and MrBeast's reaction — a strangely fortunate turn of events.