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Why Fans Are In An Uproar About The New GTA Trailer

2020 might have been the best year ever for "GTA 5," but in 2021 fans aren't extending the same grace to the aging title. After Rockstar announced that it would be giving "GTA 5" a refresh for PS5 instead of moving on to the unannounced "GTA 6," fans discovered a hard truth about game development: It's difficult to make a great game for a new console at launch. Over a year after "GTA 5" for the PS5 was announced, gamers got a new trailer for the game at the PlayStation Showcase on September 9. Unfortunately, they weren't happy about it.

Games journalist for Axios Stephen Totilo pointed out the community's lack of enthusiasm on Twitter, writing, "Just one 1 of the 18 trailers from the PlayStation showcase has more downvotes than upvotes on PlayStation's YouTube channel. ... I keep looking, and the series' most hardcore online communities straight-up don't see what's improved." Totilo acknowledged that "remasters can be divisive" because fans want new content, but many gamers found it difficult to understand what Rockstar was trying to achieve by improving the graphics of "GTA 5" for next-gen technology. Although Totilo remained optimistic, reminding gamers that a first-person mode wasn't announced for "GTA 5" until shortly before its release, the community didn't feel positive that good things were on the way for the title. Thankfully, no one held back any commentary.

Fans don't seem happy

Fans sounded off in a big way on Twitter, discussing the merits — or lack thereof — of remastering "GTA 5." Games journalist at Forbes, Paul Tassi, asked the burning question on many fans' minds: "The assumption is that it's a re-sell, not a free upgrade, right?" One streamer replied that it appears PlayStation won't be doing a free or reduced-price upgrade for "GTA 5," and that the remastered title will be priced as a regular new game.

What seemed to anger fans the most is the lack of any significant improvements. One gamer commented that it seems like the enhanced edition adds "nothing at all" to the game, while another Twitter user similarly declared, "There's nothing expanded and enhanced about the expanded and enhanced edition of GTA 5."  Several gamers commented that the improved graphics looked similar to what PC gamers have access to now. 

Additionally, many fans commented with confusion that the enhanced edition of "GTA 5" is delayed until 2022. The trailer confirmed that the title will release in March 2022. One fan commented on the delay on Twitter, asking, "How the hell do you delay a GTA V port?"

Gamers will have to wait until 2022 to see if the enhanced edition of "GTA 5" lives up to the hype Rockstar is trying to build. In the meantime, gamers still rally to pressure the developer into announcing "GTA 6."