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Marvel's Wolverine - What We Know So Far

Marvel fans received a lot of news to be excited for in 2021, and several characters who aren't normally major features are coming to light in upcoming game series. For example, Firaxis is making "Marvel's Midnight Suns," and its announcement trailer featured Nico Minoru and Magick, amongst other Marvel characters that typically don't get a lot of attention. Now, there's even more for Marvel fans to look forward to, as a new game is on the horizon.


Insomniac Games, the developers behind the popular "Marvel's Spider-Man" games, announced on September 9, 2021 that it'll also be making a "Marvel's Wolverine" game. A teaser was dropped at the PlayStation Showcase, and many fans were pleased to see Wolverine make an appearance. In fact, some Marvel fans are so dedicated to the hero that a few mentioned buying a PlayStation 5 just for the new game. Now that the upcoming title has been announced, people are clamoring for more information about "Wolverine." One of the most pressing questions? When the game will actually arrive. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming release.

Is there a release date for Marvel's Wolverine?

When "Marvel's Wolverine" was announced on September 9, 2021, there was no kind of release date attached to it. In fact, there wasn't even a year included as a projected release window. The teaser only shared that the game was being developed.


That's exactly how Ryan Schneider from Insomniac Games explained it in a PlayStation blog as well. He stated that the game is "early in development," and it's nowhere near finished enough to get its own release date yet. In fact, the game will be coming after "Marvel's Spider-Man 2," which was announced at the same time as "Wolverine." The sequel to the hit "Spider-Man" is supposed to release in 2023. This means that "Wolverine" is likely going to come out quite a while after its initial announcement.

The upcoming "Spider-Man 2" will also be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which may be the case for "Wolverine" as well. Hopefully, the next-gen consoles will have fixed supply issues by that point.

What trailers are there for Marvel's Wolverine?

The PlayStation Showcase revealed a short 40-second trailer for "Marvel's Wolverine." The trailer was just a teaser, but it was enough to build anticipation for more news of the title. It opened up with Wolverine drinking alone after what appeared to be an intense bar fight, which had the entire establishment in a wreck. One person got back up and went to attack Wolverine out from behind. Then, with a sharp "snikt," Wolverine's signature claws came out.


That's all the trailer showed, but fans should expect more information as time passes. As development on the title continues, there will probably be more to show off. Developers may also be ready to release another trailer once work on "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" finishes. Considering that "Spider-Man 2" just confirmed one of its villains, information might be slow to emerge for both titles. 

As Ryan Schneider said over on the PlayStation Blog, Wolverine's story and character are one that many of those working on "Spider-Man" discussed regularly because of how similar Wolverine's drive to protect people is to Spider-Man's hope to do the same.

What's the gameplay like for Marvel's Wolverine?

There's next to nothing known about the gameplay of "Marvel's Wolverine," but Insomniac Games did give fans a little bit more information on the PlayStation Blog, where Ryan Schneider let fans know that "Wolverine" was a passion project from the developers of "Marvel's Spider-Man." The group felt just as warmly about the mutant as they did Spider-Man, but that's not where the similarities between the titles end.


Schneider also said that there will be some shared aspects between the two games. The team wants to make it feel like an Insomniac game, as Schneider also stated, so "Wolverine" may play similarly to "Spider-Man" and the upcoming "Spider-Man 2." 

The blog also mentioned that "Wolverine" will be set in its own universe, just as "Spider-Man" was. So far, the story that's been developed is also "emotional," as Schneider put it, so there's more to the game than just hacking and slashing enemies. Even though fans might have to wait a while to get their claws on "Wolverine," Insomniac promised it would all be worth it.