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God Of War: Ragnarok - What We Know So Far

The "God of War" series has become a flagship property for Sony ever since the original debuted in 2005, and the 2018 reboot of the series helped cement the series as one of the best PlayStation exclusive franchises.

In that reboot, the series moved away from its Mediterranean setting and Greek antagonists while introducing gamers to a secondary protagonist, Kratos' son Atreus. The two quickly came into conflict with a new pantheon of godly foes from Norse mythology. The series now seeks to continue that story with the upcoming "God of War: Ragnarok," which, like many high profile games Sony planned to release in the first year after the PlayStation 5 hit the market, has been plagued by delays.

However, an all-new trailer that debuted at the Sony Showcase 2021 demonstrated just how much progress has been made on the game while giving fans their first look at actual gameplay. Here is everything fans need to know about the release date, trailer, and gameplay for "God of War: Ragnarok."

What is the release date for God of War: Ragnarok?

While the new trailer for "God of War: Ragnarok" indicates that the game is inching closer to being completed, Sony and Santa Monica Studios have yet to announce a release date. At this point, the most either organization has said is that the game should arrive in 2022.

While the title was originally planned to launch at some in 2021, the president of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst had some bad news for "God of War" fans when he shared on the official PlayStation Blog in June 2021 that the game would likely be delayed until the following year. Santa Monica Studios soon confirmed that "God of War Ragnarok" had been delayed through a statement posted to Twitter. The developers explained that in the interest of creating a "top-quality game" while keeping their staff safe from the global health crisis, the release window had been pushed to 2022. 

Without any further information, it is difficult to say when in 2022 "God of War: Ragnarok" might arrive. The previous title was released in April 2018, which means there remains a possibility that the new game might arrive near that anniversary, but it could also easily be pushed back to Summer or Fall 2022.

Is there a trailer for God of War: Ragnarok?

One of the highlights of the Sony Showcase 2021 was the reveal of a full-length trailer that outlined part of the journey that Kratos and Atreus undertake in "God of War: Ragnarok" alongside some of the characters they will encounter.

Fans were excited when they got the great news that "God of War: Ragnarok" had been confirmed at the PlayStation 5 Showcase in 2020, but that announcement only came with a brief teaser. The trailer shared during the Sony Showcase 2021 featured in-game footage, giving fans an idea of some of the action that they can expect to see when "God of War: Ragnarok" launches.

The new footage opens on a calm slice of life scene between Kratos and Atreus but quickly gains steam as Atreus' questions about his place in the world lead the pair into conflict. Soon enough, gamers see Kratos crossing various lush locations, fighting off mythical monsters, and coming face to face with Norse gods and heroes.

Fans who stuck around for the Q&A following the PlayStation Showcase had some of those gods identified by Eric Wiliams, director of "God of War: Ragnarok. Williams confirmed that players saw and heard Thor in the trailer, who will be played by Ryan Hurst, as well as Tyr, the Norse God of War, played by Ben Prendergast. While Williams didn't detail exactly how these characters fit in the story, it is certainly shaping up to be an epic journey.

What will the gameplay of God of War: Ragnarok be like?

In-game footage from the Sony Showcase 2021 confirmed that gamers could expect more bone-crushing combat balanced with exploration in a semi-open world once described by Cory Barlog, director of 2018's "God of War," as "wide linear," per VentureBeat.

Action sequences in the trailer are interspersed with far more leisurely moments of Kratos and Atreus exploring an intriguing fantasy world. At first, the pair are seen taking refuge from a cold winter landscape in a cave, but their journey soon brings them to brighter, warmer-looking locations.

However, when the trailer does focus on the upcoming combat events in "God of War: Ragnarok," the next iteration in the long-running action series looks poised to deliver. Kratos is seen using chained weapons that look a lot like the Blades of Chaos, as well as wielding an axe while Atreus appears to summon a spirit animal.

All this indicates that fans can likely expect a gameplay experience in "God of War: Ragnarok" that uses many of the mechanics developed for its immediate predecessor, although fans will have to wait for more information from Santa Monica Studios to confirm that.