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We Finally Know Which Game Causes The Most Swearing

Online multiplayer games can be full of toxic behavior and harassment. Individual streamers, like Neekolul, have revealed the toxic messages they receive regularly. Additionally, game developers have attempted to end toxicity on various platforms through software and terms of service. "League of Legends" got serious about its nastiest gamers by implementing "Behavioral Systems" to reduce bad player etiquette. Even T-Pain has attempted to help by absolutely destroying toxic "Call of Duty" players. Outside of harassment and bad behavior, online games often feature a lot of swearing from gamers. High-stress situations inevitably lead to naughty words, but a recent study revealed which game causes the most swearing, and it's probably not the one you think it is.


Buzz Bingo recently analyzed a number of online multiplayer games to determine which gaming community swore the most during matches. To determine this, a team at Buzz Bingo watched 25 hours of Twitch gaming, noting each time the streamers used profanity. "Fortnite," which many gamers might expect to be full of bad words, featured 102 swears every 15 minutes, or about 408 per hour. "Call of Duty: Warzone," a favorite among streamers, had 121 per 15 minutes, or 484 per hour. Both of these Twitch favorites weren't the most swear-filled, though. In fact, "Warzone" lags behind the highest number of swears by almost 100 words per hour.

Swear-filled accolades for Rainbow Six Siege

It turns out that "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige" has the most foul-mouthed gamers, with 146 swears being used every 15 minutes for a whopping 584 per hour. Apparently, "Rainbow Six Seige" caused its gamers to feel the rage, swearing almost 100 words more per hour than other gaming communities on the list. While it's not clear why "Rainbow Six Seige" features more swearing in its chat, the answer could lie in the other metrics Buzz Bingo accumulated.


In addition to looking at the rate of swearing in online games, Buzz Bingo's team examined individual streamers and platforms. The group found that PC players swear the most with about 380 expletives an hour, while PlayStation users swear the least at about 332 words per hour. The difference between PC and PlayStation wasn't enormous, but Buzz Bingo's examination of individuals featured a larger divide.

The team also dubbed the frequently-banned xQc as the "most 'sweary streamer,'" noting that he clocked in at 77 swears per 15 minutes of gameplay. On the other side of the spectrum, PewDiePie only swore 12 times every 15 minutes of gameplay, making him one of the cleanest popular streamers. Other notable personalities, like Dr Disrespect and NickMercs, fell somewhere in between the two extremes.


The Buzz Bingo team watched 100 different Twitch streams to determine the stats, focusing on the most popular streams and newly released games. While the study might not hold water in a scientific journal, it definitely works to shed some light on the world of streaming and precisely how expletive-filled it can be.