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The Tragic Reason Hamlinz Stepped Away From Twitch

Last month, missing streamer posters grabbed the internet's attention. The posters featured Hamlinz and Daequan, two streamers that seemingly fell off the map a few years ago. While the case of the missing streamers was solved when the duo joined the NRG Thoom House, no one really knew why the streamers disappeared in the first place. In his first Twitch stream since he returned, Hamlinz let his fans know why he stepped away from Twitch.

According to Hamlinz, the death of his grandfather had a huge impact on him. He and his grandfather were close, and instead of mourning his passing in a healthy way, Hamlinz threw himself more and more into streaming. Frequent streaming just wasn't good for his mental health, and he ended up leaving the scene altogether after things continued to get worse for him. In his stream, he even brought up the fact that he should've just taken a break from the beginning, but hindsight is 20/20 — what's important is that he's back and better than ever.

While Hamlinz never spoke about why he left streaming directly, many people assumed he'd left because of his grandparents' health. In this case, the rumors were actually true. As Hamlinz took the time to properly grieve, he worked hard to recover his mental health and get back to Twitch.

Hamlinz's battle for his mental health

According to Hamlinz, he worked hard to recover his mental health over the years — he even said that he meditates multiple times a day. Hamlinz said that his friends supported him through the time as well, probably referring to fellow streamer Daequan. Daequan was another streamer that disappeared around the same time as Hamlinz for his own reasons, and he also reappeared as the NRG Thoom House was announced.

The two former-TSM streamers lived together during their time away from the internet, according to Esports Talk. Many fans are excited to see them return to streaming, especially knowing that Hamlinz is in a much better mental state compared to before. Together, the duo could be able to support each other in the NRG Thoom House as well, promoting positive mental health and self-care.

So far, Hamlinz has played multiple different games on his Twitch account, including both "Rust" and "Genshin Impact." He's even got a daily streaming schedule set up to alert his fans when he'll be online. Considering the variety of games featured during his last stream, fans hope to see Hamlinz make a return to "Fortnite" in the future.