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The Real Reason Corpse Husband Keeps Turning Down Million Dollar Deals

Corpse Husband has been on a roll lately. In addition to his extremely popular gaming streams, he's managed to cultivate quite the following for his music career. Between collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly and the internet's current obsession with his new song, "Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!!," it seems like Corpse is poised to conquer the music industry the same way he did with streaming. In fact, Corpse Husband recently revealed that he's doing well enough that he's been able to down some huge record deals.

In a recent Twitter post, the gravelly-voiced streamer posted an audio clip expressing his thanks for the support he's received from the fan community. In particular, Corpse made sure to give a shout-out to the people who have listened to and enjoyed his music. Corpse pointed out that the single came out the same day as other high profile releases and didn't receive a significant marketing push from YouTube or other mainstream music outlets, yet it has managed to rack up an impressive number of plays. 

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' for over 11 million f***ing streams in under the first week of the new song release," he said. Corpse added, "It did what it did purely out of your guys' 

According to Corpse Husband, his devoted following on the internet is one of the reasons why he has turned down multiple offers from music executives. Here is what Corpse had to say about the "multi-million dollar" deals he's been dodging.

Looks like E-Girls didn't ruin Corpse Husband's life after all

Corpse explained to fans that the warm reception and huge number of plays "really makes [him] feels safe, as an artist" and has encouraged him to continue forging his own path. He added, "I'm turning down multi-million dollar label deals and I'm gonna keep working with people I truly f*** with as artists, and doing what I want, and that's because y'all allow me to — all from my room." 

In other words, Corpse Husband doesn't feel any pressure to hitch his rising star to a recording contract, because his fanbase is already turning up for his music in droves. After all, Corpse Husband's hit single "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!!!" managed to make it onto a Times Square Billboard without the support of a huge music label, so maybe he's onto something.

Corpse closed his audio message to fans by teasing that he's got plenty more on the horizon. Only time will tell when his next single will drop, but the streamer/musician said he planned to unveil "many different sides of [his] art" before the end of 2021.