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Mario Fits Like A Glove In This Minecraft Mod

"Minecraft" is no stranger to crossing paths with other video game series. Much of the time, this comes in the form of character skins that reference other franchises, though if often occurs through fan-created mods. The "Super Mario" franchise has mashed up with "Minecraft" in both ways, thanks to a set of character skins in "Minecraft: Wii U Edition" and an awesome fan recreation of "Super Mario Galaxy" in which players can play as Mario and collect 86 stars, all in "Minecraft." Now, a new mod appears to bring elements of "Super Mario 64" right into the smash hit sandbox game.

The mod, created by Twitter user @pdxdylan and previewed on Twitter, applies the classic Nintendo 64 launch title's engine to "Minecraft" by enabling players to play as Mario in "Minecraft," complete with some of the plumber's most famous moves. As seen in the video, players can jump, punch, long-jump, swim, and fly using Mario's Wing Cap in "Minecraft" as they could in the 1996 original. The mod also seems to recreate another major component of "Super Mario 64," as Mario can be seen jumping into what looks like a painting and teleporting to another part of the "Minecraft" overworld. The mod even uses bits of audio from "Super Mario 64," from Mario's painful reaction to touching lava to the various noises Mario makes when jumping and attacking enemies.

Unfortunately for fans of both franchises, while this mod certainly looks like a lot of fun, it doesn't seem like it'll be available any time soon.

Minecraft's Super Mario 64 mod is not available to the masses

Dylan followed up his video with a second tweet noting he "sadly can't promise a download, either now or in the future." This is due to Nintendo's track record with DMCA takedowns. Dylan expressed his surprise at how quickly his mod video gained popularity, but reiterated, "The most I can do now is post silly videos of what I do in-game with it."

It's tough to blame Dylan on this one, given Nintendo's reactions to modders and fan projects in the past. Back in 2016, Nintendo shut down over 500 fan games with a mass blast of takedown orders (via Polygon). This practice has continued to the present, with Nintendo recently stopping a fan-made "Metroid Prime" remake in its tracks

However, other Twitter users have suggested that Dylan may actually be safe if he decided to make it available for download. For instance, Twitter user @reesreeserson tweeted that Nintendo generally takes down "remakes, not mods," so Dylan may technically be in the clear. Another user disagreed with this concept, arguing that Dylan's use of Mario's character model and engine from an official Nintendo 64 game might be enough to get the project taken down.

Ultimately, it is up to Dylan whether he wants to make the "Minecraft" mod available to the masses. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with just watching Mario making his way from the world of "Minecraft."