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The Nintendo Switch's Latest Update Has Fans Going Wild

It's a great time to be a Nintendo Switch player. Between the upcoming release of the "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl" games – which have quite a few differences from the originals – and the Game Boy rumor that fans are going wild over, the console is feeling as fresh as ever despite being released years ago. There have even been great Nintendo Switch exclusives already released in 2021, but Nintendo just gave fans yet another reason to go wild — by adding in Bluetooth support for the handheld console.

The official Nintendo of America Twitter account spread the news last night, linking to a support page that explains how the new Bluetooth support works. There is a pretty major caveat to the whole idea: players can only use two wireless controllers if they're using Bluetooth instead of four.

This doesn't really affect most people, and unless you're trying to use a Bluetooth speaker while playing with at least two other friends, you'll more than likely never run into this problem. There's also still the problem with a microphone — while Bluetooth speakers now work, no Bluetooth microphone will.

Fans are pretty split on whether to be excited about the update or blown away by the fact that it took this long to be released.

Goodbye, third-party Bluetooth pieces

The lack of Bluetooth support on the Switch was something that many fans got around with third-party Bluetooth devices. These plugged into the Switch charging port and let fans use Bluetooth gadgets with the console's audio.

One Twitter user shared a picture of one of the devices, claiming to have recently purchased it, only to have it become pointless after the update. When it came to other reactions, some fans were frustrated that this update came four years after the console was released, especially considering that the hardware was already there.

Others were quick to share memes and share their excitement, including one user who decided to use their Xbox Wireless Headset with the Switch.

However, some fans are just as overwhelmed with the update as they are underwhelmed by the Switch OLED Model. One user pointed out that the Switch Theme section in Settings has had the same "Basic White" and "Basic Black" themes since release, a disappointing truth. Another shared the idea of Switch folders for the main menu, which actually existed on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.

While it's clear that not everyone is happy about the update, it's definitely a change that's a step in the right direction.