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The Real Reason Mizkif And Maya Are Stepping Away From Streaming

Mizkif and Maya were one of Twitch's most popular power couples — until yesterday, that is. Mizkif, variety streamer and One True King co-founder, posted a Twitlonger captioned "From Me and Maya" about their breakup, and their plans to stop streaming in the meantime because of it.


"We want you guys to know that Maya and I have decided to break up," he wrote. Mizkif emphasized that the two are still on good terms and asked for fans to continue supporting their separate journeys. There was "no event, no cheating, no drama" — just mutual intentions to break up.

"We both care about each other so much and are still friends," he said. "We're supporting each other through this and we ask that you all do the same for us both."

However, as emotionally taxing as breakups could be, Mizkif said that both of them would need time to process the breakup and "take care of [themselves]." He ended the note saying that the past two years were "some of the best years of [their] lives" and that they were grateful for their time together.


Maya quote tweeted the post in support. "Indescribably thankful for EVERYTHING these past two years. We'll be okay," she wrote. Neither of them gave any reason for the breakup. Fellow streamers and fans commented with mostly supportive comments, wishing Mizkif and Maya the best, but few were bold enough to answer the real question on everyone's minds: When will Mizkif and Maya return to Twitch?

When we can expect them back on Twitch

Mizkif wrote that he and Maya would need a "couple of weeks" away from streaming. However, his phrasing is vague enough that it could mean two weeks, four, or any other indefinite amount of time. According to Dexerto, one person confronted Mizkif during a livestream about the upcoming break, asking exactly how long he would be gone. Mizkif replied, "I will not be streaming for a long time." Though the stream has since been deleted, the evidence seems clear. Mizkif and Maya will go on hiatus for the time being. 


Mizkif and Maya originally kept their relationship a secret. After they accidentally revealed their relationship on stream, they posted an official announcement on social media to explain the situation. From there, they started appearing on each other's streams and openly talking about each other with fans. 

Mizkif currently has over 1.5 million followers on Twitch, while Maya has 510k of her own. They don't typically take breaks from the streaming platform, but the move to pause streaming isn't unusual. According to Dexerto, this isn't the first time Mizkif took a break from streaming, and he last stepped away from streaming in February 2020 for 10 days or so. Maya doesn't stream as often as her now-ex boyfriend, but she also rarely steps away from content creation. Neither Mizkif nor Maya mentioned exactly when they would return, but it seems like they plan to keep their fans updated on when they do.