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Latest Tests Calm The Nerves For The New PS5

For fans that have been worried about the new PS5, it's time to let out a sigh of relief. The word about a new version of the console broke in May, though some gamers discovered that, sadly, the would-be improved console might have more new problems than solutions. While the update promised improved wireless capabilities, the only noteworthy thing found by an early tester was that the revamped PS5 didn't cool properly. On top of that, the new model left in several features that PS5 fans can't stand.


Things were already looking bad, but now a review from Eurogamer has given PS5 fans some solace. Apparently, there are some major changes in the cooling functions of the new PS5, which can result in both hotter and cooler temperatures at times. It seems that allowing adequate space around your console for ventilation can help keep things regulated, especially since the temperature variation is only a matter of a few degrees. So, what first seemed like a major liability is actually just an innocuous design quirk.

While it's not perfect, this is enough information to set your mind at ease that your PS5 won't blow up in the middle of a boss battle. In fact, Eurogamer's test concluded that the console is designed to shut down on its own if it gets into dangerous temperature territory. So fans, like their new consoles, now have a chance to cool off. With the worries over temperature out of the way, gamers have a chance to investigate the new features of the improved PS5 model.


Blink and you'll miss these new PS5 features

All and all, the new PS5 isn't a whole lot different from the first one. So, if you were thinking of upgrading, you'll probably want to save your money for now. As far as other changes in the console, playtests found that it runs a bit louder than the former version. It weighs in at about 300g lighter than its predecessor, and it comes with a stand screw that doesn't require a screwdriver, making adjusting the base a breeze. Given the new cooling problems, gamers will definitely want to use the stand and give the PS5 proper ventilation space.


As much as there is to consider about the new PS5 console, it's still a challenge to actually buy one, just as it has been since its launch. Scalpers have made an inordinate amount of money on the console, and they've even started jacking up the prices for the PS4 as next-gen hopefuls keep trying and failing to get their hands on the PS5. Significant availability changes aren't expected until 2022, much to the dismay of gamers.

The reality is, most potential customers won't have a chance to weigh the pros and cons of the old and new PS5 models if a chance to buy emerges. But, thanks to the almost-identical nature of the consoles, it shouldn't make much of a difference.