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The Real Reason Tfue Just Slammed Warzone

Popular Twitch streamer Tfue criticized "Call of Duty: Warzone" on a recent stream for being one of the easiest battle royales. Turner" Tfue" Tenney said in a recent stream that he "came to the conclusion that this game is just too f**king easy," talking about "Warzone." Tenney went on to say that if someone is bad at video games, "Warzone" is the battle royale they would have the most fun playing.

As for which battle royales are more difficult, Tenney put "Apex Legends" as the second hardest battle royale. Tenney went on to almost say "Fornite" is the hardest, before clarifying that it's easy in public matches but hard in competitive matches. While there are a number of reasons why "Warzone" might be easier than other free-to-play battle royale games, one of the most obvious is the lack of a ranked or competitive playlist. Both "Apex Legends" and "Fortnite" offer ranked playlists with a ranking system for people that want a more difficult and "serious" version of the battle royales. Currently, "Call of Duty: Warzone" does not have a permanent ranked playlist.

While Tenney didn't go as far as to say that he would be quitting "Warzone" or even spend less time playing it, other popular streamers have shared similar sentiments about the battle royale.

A move towards Apex Legends

While an SVG survey revealed was "Call of Duty: Warzone" the second most popular battle royale, a number of top streamers have begun moving from it to "Apex Legends" for a variety of different reasons. NickMercs stepped away from "Warzone" primarily due to his lack of enjoyment of the game and the high amount of cheaters he encountered. NickMercs has since taken to "Apex Legends" and has been grinding out the game's ranked playlist. Shroud has also said in the past that "Warzone" is too easy compared to "Apex Legends," and indicated that gamers want more difficulty when it comes to online play. For his part, Dr Disrespect has offered some advice to Activision on how it can fix "Warzone," but it's unclear if the developers want to take advice from streamers when making decisions about the future of the game.

It seems clear that streamers who consider themselves good at battle royale games aren't being challenged enough in "Warzone." It's unclear if Activision will add its own ranked system in the future, or if it will continue to host more casual matches. While Tenney did not offer up any solutions for Activision to make "Warzone" less casual, there are plenty of different options out there.