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Dr Disrespect Knows How To Fix Warzone

"Call of Duty: Warzone" is a constantly evolving game. Its development team recently added long-awaited accessibility options and plans to continue supporting the battle royale title well into the future. Still, fans will always have complaints, or ideas for how to make "Warzone" better. Dr Disrespect, the streamer who made his mark online with an abrasive persona and impressive "Warzone" stats, has shared his own ideas on how "Warzone" could improve. Initially, Dr Disrespect suggested the developers start from scratch on the competitive game, but he's recently added more nuance to his comments, suggesting something else entirely.


Dr Disrespect tweeted a criticism of "Warzone," saying, "'Warzone' Solos are the worst solo [battle royale] experience to date. Easy fix too. Won't ever happen. Skiddish design behavior." Despite Dr Disrespect seemingly having the answers, he seemed skeptical that "Call of Duty: Warzone" will ever improve. 

Ben Spoont, the founder of Misfits Gaming, asked for more information about the so-called "easy fix." Dr Disrespect immediately rattled off a list of improvements, including a 6K loadout purchase, as well as the a removal of the game's killer trucks and Dead Silence perk. Dr Disrespect has flown off the handle about Dead Silence before, expressing his belief that developers should take the feature out of the game and stop catering to "old men." Dead Silence allows players to muffle their footsteps in order to stealthily approach enemies and assassinate them, which Dr Disrespect has found to unbalance the game.


Fans share their thoughts on Doc's Warzone fix

Of course, Dr Disrespect's fans had differing opinions on his suggestions. One gamer wholeheartedly agreed that Dead Silence should be removed from "Warzone," saying, "No dead silence needs to be across the board. It's getting out of control. Every game I lose because they either have it, or it's the worst Audio of all time." Others disagreed, saying that Dead Silence is the only way to combat some of the other perks that players can earn in-game. One player noted that the problem isn't with Dead Silence itself, but how frequently it appears in the game.


Some fans had suggestions on how to deal with some of Dr Disrespect's other criticisms, like the existence of armored trucks in-game. One gamer said that every time people see a Big Bertha truck, they should use their resources in order to destroy it, barring other players from getting the valuable vehicle.

Regardless of the continuing debate and the streamer's frustrations with the game, Dr Disrespect continues to be a big name in "Warzone" discourse, and his thoughts on the game's design clearly hold some weight among fans.