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Adin Ross Just Got Caught Red-Handed

Streamer Adin Ross hasn't had the easiest time over the past few months. Between finding out about the real reason he was banned on Twitch and allegations of scamming his fans, Ross hasn't been on the top of the internet's most-loved streamers. Now, one hired "Minecraft" builder has called Ross out after not getting paid for their work.


Salad Plays MC, a professional "Minecraft" builder, shared the news on September 20 that Adin Ross had hired them and a few other "Minecraft" builders to create content for his personal "Minecraft" server. Together, the creators spent over 100 hours building maps for the server without receiving compensation from Ross.

Many people argued against the "Minecraft" creators, saying that the issue was the fault of Rewack, another "Minecraft" content creator that worked with Adin Ross on the project and managed other builders. However, Salad Plays MC pointed out that they spoke with both Rewack and Ross on multiple occasions, working with both creators to create the perfect "Minecraft" server.

The situation was definitely stressful for the "Minecraft" creators who spent a lot of time on a project and feared that they weren't going to be paid for it. "Minecraft" modders earn a staggering amount of money, so it's not like they routinely work for free. However, the situation took a turn after word got out about the incident.


Adin Ross did end up paying the creators

Within a few days, Salad Plays MC followed up on their original tweet by saying that "the situation has been fully resolved." While Adin never responded to the original tweet, Rewack did. According to Rewack, the situation was no fault of Ross' as Rewack was the project manager. Rewack also pointed out that there was poor communication between Adin Ross and Rewack, especially when it came to payments. After apologizing and thanking the creators for their work, Rewack told them that they're waiting on a PayPal email to solve the problem.


Many people weren't happy with Rewack's response, saying that just forgetting to pay someone wouldn't fly in "the real world." Others accused the project manager of taking Adin's money and trying to get away with not paying the creators.

The good news is that the situation was solved, and the creators were paid for their hard work and dedication to the project. New opportunities were also presented as solutions for the creators, with one group offering to give the team work if they needed it.