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Nintendo Direct Confirms What We All Suspected

Gamers have been excited for upcoming Nintendo Switch Online news since earlier this month, when a Game Boy rumor had fans going wild. Quickly, more rumors started coming out, including a Nintendo 64 rumor and Nintendo's own tease about a new controller. The September 23 Nintendo Direct finally shed some light on what's headed to the handheld console, and it's safe to say that fans are just as thrilled over the new information.

Nintendo confirmed that a new tier of Nintendo Switch Online membership will be available later this year. The new tier will come at an additional cost, with new features in addition to those Online members already enjoy. The new features? The Nintendo 64 emulator that had been going around the rumor mill, along with one other surprising addition.

The Sega Genesis was also announced at the Direct, surprising fans as it was never mentioned in any of the prior leaks. Games were also announced for both systems, including titles like "Dr. Mario," Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," and "Starfox 64" for the Nintendo 64. Other games were announced to be coming soon, including "Paper Mario" and "Banjo-Kazooie." Games for the Sega Genesis include "Sonic the Hedgehog 2," "Phantasy Star 4," and "Shinobi 3." While this news was enough to please fans, it wasn't all that Nintendo announced.

The new Nintendo Switch controllers

Playing a Nintendo 64 game with a regular Switch controller would feel a bit odd, right? Luckily, Nintendo thought of that, and a new Nintendo 64 controller for the Switch was announced to be released alongside the new emulators.

Not only that, but Nintendo also revealed a Sega Genesis controller for the Switch as well. Nintendo even thought ahead in terms of scalpers — the only way to get one of the controllers is to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Requiring gamers to subscribe to the service should hopefully cut down on any would-be scalpers looking to make money. The controllers will cost $50 each. The new tier of service doesn't have a price attached to it just yet, but Nintendo promised more information soon.

Nintendo also provided a few details about the new tier of service to pump up fans. Four players will be able to play on the Nintendo 64 emulator, and you'll even be able to play with others online. Compared to how people used to have to be together, tethered to the Nintendo 64 in order to play games, this is quite the upgrade.

While no new SNES titles for the Nintendo Switch Online were announced, this news was more than enough for most fans. Nintendo shared that the new service will arrive sometime in late October.