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The Actress Behind Bayonetta Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Many game actors are gorgeous in real life, but few exude the style or grace of Bayonetta in the game series of the same name. The over-the-top action title follows the witchy Bayonetta as she battles angels, summons demons, and, well, looks incredibly sexy and cool. Fans of the series have wondered if "Bayonetta 3" will ever come out since it was first announced in 2017. They got their answer in a September 2021 Nintendo Direct, where the company debuted a new trailer and release date for the game.

The character of Bayonetta is an essential part of the series, as her catty personality and posh British accent make her immediately recognizable. Hellena Taylor, the voice behind Bayonetta, hinted that she may not be returning to the series on her Twitter account in September 2021, and fans still aren't completely sure if she'll continue her role in "Bayonetta 3." After the "Bayonetta 3" trailer dropped, some Twitter users speculated that Taylor will not appear in the upcoming title, noting that Bayonetta simply didn't sound like herself.

Whether Taylor reprises her role in "Bayonetta 3" or not, it's clear she's part of what makes the character and series so special. Oh, and she's just as gorgeous as Bayonetta in real life.

Taylor helped create Bayonetta

Hellena Taylor might not wear a skin-tight catsuit or have hair down to her ankles like Bayonetta, but she has her own subtle charm. Though she rarely posts pictures of herself on her personal Twitter account, she was kind of enough to share a picture of herself on her wedding day, looking stunning in a floor-length gown with a bouquet of red roses. Unlike Bayonetta, Taylor has a warm smile and earnestness that makes her instantly likable.

In an interview with The Cyber Den, Taylor said that she didn't really know anything about Bayonetta before auditioning for the role, but that she ended up loving playing the witch because she's "very sassy." Taylor's choices in bringing Bayonetta to life helped shape the character into what she is today, including her witty banter and confident demeanor.

When she's not lending her vocal talents to the "Bayonetta" series, Taylor is an actress in both live-action and voiceover roles. Taylor most notably appeared in "Dragon Age: Origins" as Alfstanna Eremon. She also voiced Zorin Blitz in "Hellsing Ultimate," but that's not all.

Taylor's other roles

It's unlikely that the sultry confidence of Bayonetta's voice was created in a vacuum. It generally takes years of mastering the crafts of acting and vocal control before you're ready to step into the recording booth for a project of that scale. Like many actors, Taylor got her start in live theater. She starred in several plays, including the leading roles of Maria in "West Side Story," Masha in "Three Sisters," and Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet." The training required to properly project and control her voice for these parts undoubtedly shaped her skills as a voice actor and prepared her for her role as The Witch.

Taylor hasn't had many leading roles in the world of film and television, but she has appeared in several noteworthy productions. According to her page on IMDB, she played an Asuran Counselor' on an episode of "Stargate: Atlantis" and had a small role in the Cameron Diaz romantic comedy "The Sweetest Thing."

Most of her gaming career has been spent in Bayonetta's high-heeled shoes, having played her for the entire mainline series as well as the character's various appearances in the "Super Smash Bros." franchise, but Taylor has voiced a few other game characters as well. Bayonetta isn't even the only witch she's played. Her first major voice acting role was playing the witch queen, Serafina, in 2007's "The Golden Compass" video game.

Taylor's generosity and love for her fans shows her inner beauty

It's easy for actors to say they love their fans, but it's another thing entirely to see it in action. For instance, when Taylor appeared on a panel at the 2019 Game Expo in Phoenix, AZ she agreed to answer questions about "Bayonetta," but also acting, writing, directing or anything else they wanted to know ("within reason"). She quickly pointed out several fans she recognized from previous appearances in the audience and excitedly acknowledged a Bayonetta cosplayer who she had met earlier and knew by name.

Taylor admitted during the panel that she doesn't actually play "Bayonetta," and that the only time she's really done so was for a fundraiser for disabled gaming technologies. Raising money for a good cause seems to be a passion of hers. In fact, Taylor donated all of the proceeds from signatures and voice and photo appearances at the convention to fourteen different charities. 

She closed her hour-long panel by saying, "I love that you play video games, but I also want to encourage everyone to pass it on. Get out and help your fellow human being." A truly gorgeous sentiment for the actress behind Bayonetta to leave her fans with.