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The Most Recent PS5 Update Was Only The Start

Sony released another major update for the PlayStation 5 in the PS5 September System Software Update, per theĀ PlayStation Blog, delivering significant new features such as external 3D Audio support and expandable storage. The update provided the unexpected benefit of raising the console's performance across the board, and Sony wants fans to know that the new system upgrade was only the second among many improvements to come.

Sony hinted at future updates during an interview on the PlayStation Blog with Sony's senior vice president of platform experience, Hideaki Nishino, who spoke of Sony's history of support for previous consoles. Nishino remembered, "This is just the second major update for PS5. Just to wind back the time here. With the PS4, I think it's already been eight years."

The PlayStation 5 team, Nishino explained, draws upon those experiences to isolate which elements will benefit from improvements, which has helped them create extensive lists of potential future updates. Nishino said, "We know what is most accepted and most popular; what features are not used. So, we had a gigantic list of things before PS5 launch that we wanted to do."

The feedback Sony received from users since the 2020 launch of the PS5 has helped provide further clarity on what issues need attention in future updates. Through using this feedback, Sony created a dynamic update schedule for its team. Here is how Sony plans on supporting the PlayStation 5 as the system evolves.

Sony update roadmap takes into account the planned features and current customer needs

Fans who take a look at everything that changed about their PlayStation 5 in the September System Software Update will note that some of the biggest improvements arrived in expanded functionality for some of the consoles' current systems. These included support for PS Remote Play over mobile networks, the delivery of long-promised storage capacity expansion, and 3D audio that is now usable on built-in TV speakers.

However, fans will also note on the PlayStation Blog that the update included multiple user experience improvements, and this is an area that gamers will continually see being tweaked and enhanced in the future. Nishino said, "Our updates aren't just about the [major] firmware updates. If you carefully look at the PS5 system, over the network we are changing the UX behavior quite often."

When asked directly about what might be included in future updates, Nishino hesitated to give specifics, explaining, "I want to say in the Japanese way, I'm diligently working on these lists and there will be more coming out in the future." While fans may have to wait a while to learn just how the next major update will help further transform the PlayStation 5, it sounds like Sony is committed to providing an ever-improving experience for its fans.