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This Halo Infinite Bug Takes The Name A Bit Too Literally

"Halo Infinite" fans, it's time to get excited. The game is coming out in just a few months, and the beta for the game is in full swing. "Halo Infinite" was already making everyone else jealous, and now it's doing it again. This time though, it's with one hilarious bug that takes the game's name just a bit too literally.

The bug in question makes one wet floor sign turn into an infinite number of signs when a player throws a grenade at it. Players that throw back-to-back grenades can just keep spawning the signs to warn everyone around about a wet floor.

The game will clean the signs up after a few seconds, and as one YouTube viewer pointed out, the signs don't create any lag at all — the bug is literally only causing laughs. While this bug will probably get fixed before the game is released, some don't want to see it go.

Bugs are to be expected when the game is having its first beta, and some of them are worse than others. For instance, another bug in "Halo Infinite" makes players unstoppable melee machines. Funny? Yes. Practical for a multiplayer match? Probably not.

Halo Infinite's Melee Bug

Another bug that's making its way around the internet is one that involved tackling enemies with a barrage of melee attacks. According to Twitter user Sprucelass, the melee madness was kicked off by switching weapons out while performing a melee attack. This caused the player to launch into a flurry of punches. One fan likened the bug to a recent problem in "Apex Legends" that caused players to repeatedly attack enemies for seemingly no reason.

While this bug has more noticeable effects in a match, it was still just as funny for players. Many people shared memes about it, and one player begged the "Halo" team to keep the bug in the game. However, the melee glitch will probably be fixed before the game is released, since players aren't exactly meant to use their spartans to deliver a Machamp-like attack. 

"Halo Infinite" will release without some key features, such as a co-op campaign mode. However, that hasn't stopped fans from getting excited about the game. "Halo Infinite" is set to release on December 8 on Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Updates to the game, including a co-op campaign and the infamous Forge, will be added in later.