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Where To Find All Of Fortnite's Cube Monster Parts

"Fortnite" Chapter 2 – Season 8 hit the ground running, bringing back a fan-favorite storyline involving Kevin the Cube and its cubic brethren. In addition to the return of the Cubes, "Fortnite" also added an entirely new dimension in the form of The Sideways, an alternate plane that offers deadly new weapons and foes called Cube Monsters. These glowing purple aliens attack players who wander into their realm, but they also offer valuable materials for weapon upgrades. In fact, some "Fortnite" Chapter 2 – Season 8 weapons need Cube Monster Parts for an upgrade, but finding them isn't always easy.


Cube Monsters drop Cube Monster Parts when defeated, but players can only find Cube Monsters and their related drops in Sideways Zones and Anomalies, which YouTuber FifteenDorra noted appear as purple points on the map. Sideways Zones and Anomalies spawn in different locations every game, which means Cube Monsters (and their Parts) don't have a set location.

At the very least, the act of harvesting Cube Monster Parts works the same every time. Gun down these aggressive aliens and grab their cube-shaped cores as they drop. If you gather enough Parts, you can upgrade to a higher rarity weapon. Higher rarities mean more damage and improved stats, which are always useful on the battlefield.

Each rarity level requires a different number of Cube Monster Parts. Upgrading to Rare takes 15 Parts, upgrading to Epic requires 20 Parts, and getting that sweet, sweet Legendary requires 25 Monster Parts.


Keep in mind that Cube Monster Parts can only upgrade Sideways Weapons, and won't be useful when upgrading standard weapons. But what else should one look out for when hunting down Cube Monsters?

Things to consider when farming Cube Monster parts

Sideways Weapons come from chests inside the Sideways Zones and Anomalies. When grabbing a Sideways Weapon, it's worth keeping in mind how long it'll take to fully level up lower rarity pieces, since each tier requires a set number of Parts. You can only use the Cube Monster Parts once, so if you get an Uncommon (green) Sideways weapon, that means you'll need a total of 60 Cube Monster Parts to upgrade to Legendary — which can take a while to farm. Only 25 Parts are required to upgrade from Epic to Legendary, so impatient players may want to prioritize leveling higher-level Sideways Weapons first.


Cube Monsters come in different forms, and they drop a random number of Parts when defeated. This means that the number you need to kill for any meaningful upgrade may seriously vary. Be careful: Cube Monsters might not be terribly challenging for experienced players, but they can still overwhelm you with the poison they emit and their ability to call in reinforcements.

In other words, there's no sense in waiting around for more monsters to arrive. Once you collect enough Cube Monster Parts, run outside The Sideways to safety. Find an upgrade bench and you should be good to go.