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Why Pokimane Called xQc The 'Hottest' On Twitch

When it comes to popular streamers, Pokimane is one of the most common names. Lately, she's been queuing up with xQc in "Valorant" matches after revealing the real reason she felt burnt out was that she needed more time to do things she wanted to do. Now, the friendship between the two streamers is at an all-time high, and Pokimane recently called xQc the "hottest" Twitch streamer after seeing him in drag.


While watching clips on stream, Pokimane came across one of xQc in drag. She was quick to laugh and make a joke about the Canadian streamer, even pausing the clip at the end to make sure her joke hit home: "If you were to ask me who I thought was the hottest streamer on Twitch ... xQc." She then laughed and continued watching clips, commenting on each one. 

The statement was just a playful joke between pals, but it's still interesting to see the two's friendship grow. In fact, xQc and Pokimane didn't see eye to eye until recently. Both streamers have had quite a few changes happen recently, and they seem to have found a friend in each other that wasn't there before.

Pokimane and xQc's troubled relationship

Pokimane and xQc might be getting along well right now, that hasn't always been the case. The two have been highly critical of each other for quite some time, and Pokimane was even called out for gambling hypocrisy by xQc and others.


The gambling fiasco earlier this year wasn't the last of their disagreements, either. According to Gaming Bible, xQc went after Pokimane after she tweeted about, basically, the loss of a friend in GreekGodx. However, earlier in 2021, xQc called Pokimane "the most attractive streamer on [Twitch.]"

There have been countless times in the past where the two have been on opposite ends of an argument. Considering both streamers are comfortable speaking their mind, things have always been murky between the two. However, with Pokimane's feelings of being burnt out and the terrifying reason xQc had to move (and his ongoing problems with being banned), the two have found a friend and duo partner in each other.


While the two may not have had the most peaceful past, they've been having a great time playing "Valorant" together. Pokimane has always been supportive of her friends, especially those in Offline TV — who knows, maybe xQc will get closer to the others in OTV as well.