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The Terrifying Reason xQc Had To Move

It's no secret that streamers have a lot to deal with. Between the constant attention and the toll streaming can take on your body, there are plenty of complications to consider. Recently, xQc was forced to move after someone broke into his former home to look for him.


In recent weeks, some viewers accused the streamer of moving around so much to avoid gambling-related legal issues. However, xQc was quick to shut those rumors down, and he even stopped doing any gambling streams altogether. After going silent for almost a week, xQc came back with news that someone entered his old house with a crowbar. While the intruder's motives are unclear, they apparently claimed that xQc had something that belonged to them.

At the time, xQc wasn't living at the house, but hearing that an armed individual had come to his former home — coupled with the frequency of the swatting incidents — was enough to keep him on the move. He lived with fellow streamer and friend Sodapoppin for a while, but the problems unfortunately followed him. After a few incidents there, which he wouldn't go into detail about, xQc decided to go on the move again. 


He explained that he's been hesitant to talk about these problems, because they seem to get worse the more he does. However, there's one major reason why he has continued to move whenever these kinds of confrontations occur.

xQc's bigger concern is the people around him

xQc explained that his biggest worry is endangering the people around him. While he has mentioned several times that he doesn't want to make a big deal about things or come off as a victim, he's legitimately concerned about the people he's close with. He mentioned wanting to protect Sodapoppin and his dogs as being a major reason for him to stay on the move. 


While the incident clearly left him shaken for a bit, xQc tried not to let it bother him on stream. However, he said that he will continue to be on the move for a little while, which might have an effect on his streaming schedule.

Streamers deal with a lot more off the camera than people might realize, and xQc's experiences seem to be piling up. Just a few weeks ago, he told his fans that he's been swatted by viewers multiple times, explaining that he genuinely thought he was going to die when it first started happening. 

Unfortunately, this seems to be something of a dark trend among obsessed viewers, as Pokimane and Valkyrae have also run into problems with overzealous fans. Hopefully this is not a trend that continues for long.