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Smash Bros. Ultimate Finally Reveals Its Final DLC Fighter

Today is the day that "Smash Bros." fans have been waiting for. Nearly three full years after the launch of "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," Nintendo has revealed the identity of the game's 12th and final DLC fighter, and the anticipation for this announcement has been almost unmatched.

For months, fans have worried about the fact that time has been running out for some of their favorite characters to be added. Although "Smash Bros." boss Masahiro Sakurai has warned that not everyone will be happy with Nintendo's picks, more than a few fan favorite characters have made their way to the super-powered brawler over the years. Rumors have abounded that everyone from Master Chief from "Halo" to the "Doom" franchise's aggro Doom Slayer would be joining the fray as DLC, but now the speculation has been laid to rest. 

During today's Nintendo Direct livestream, the final "Super Smash Bros." Ultimate DLC fighter was revealed to be Sora from the "Kingdom Hearts" series. This announcement definitely lines up with Masahiro Sakurai's previous comments about the final DLC fighter — and it wasn't the only surprise of the Direct.

Sora makes his Smash Bros. debut

Just yesterday, Masahiro Sakurai told was turning fans' heads when he said that people who don't even play "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" might want to tune in. This hinted that the big character reveal was not only someone that people didn't expect, but that it would be a big deal for gaming in general. Sakurai wasn't underselling the importance of this DLC reveal, as Sora marks yet another non-Nintendo character making their way to the game, marking a continued collaboration between competitors Sony and Nintendo.

Also, in a surprising turn of events, fans who are disappointed to discover that the Doom Slayer didn't get added as a DLC character got a bit of a consolation prize. As revealed during the Direct, a new line of Mii Fighter skins will soon be available for purchase, with one of them being a blaster-toting Doomguy. The adorable killer made his appearance in the Nintendo Direct with a monstrous guitar riff backing him. He may not be the Doom Slayer players had hoped for, but this skin should tide folks over until the next "Doom" game, at the very least.

And with that, Masahiro Sakurai bid farewell, marking his final Nintendo Direct and the end of the DLC fighters for "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate."