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Indiefoxx Reveals Where She Will Be Making Her Return

Controversial streamer Indiefoxx is no stranger to streaming difficulties, considering she's one streamer who lost her entire viewer base in months. After back-to-back bans on Twitch earlier this year, with one ban having tremendous consequences, the streaming platform stripped her of her partner status and banned her permanently. After months of not streaming, Indiefoxx finally updated fans with a comedic clip on Twitter. It looks like she'll be the next streamer to head over to YouTube Gaming.


According to Indiefoxx's video on Twitter, YouTube Gaming sent her a contract and a "home" after Twitch made the decision to keep her content off the platform. She mentioned that her first stream will be on October 9.

This won't be Indiefoxx's first time on YouTube. When she was streaming, she posted videos of clips from her streams to the platform. She's even got videos from four years ago where she sang covers to songs and gave self-help advice to her viewers.

Her move to YouTube Gaming made her the first major streamer who wasn't streaming much gaming-related content. Given the name of the platform, YouTube Gaming, Indiefoxx's ASMR streams will be new territory. So what will Indiefoxx stream, if not gaming content?


ASMR YouTube Gaming?

Indiefoxx has done a variety of things on the internet — between singing, ASMR, and other lifestyle-esque content, she's got quite the talent pool for herself. However, she rarely posted about her gaming skills during her time on Twitch.


While this could mean that she's going to try her hand at gaming, it's more likely that this means that YouTube Gaming is expanding its talent pool to include streamers who post a variety of content. However, this new content will be coming from a streamer that Twitch found problematic enough to ban entirely. That being said, YouTube Gaming and Twitch have different terms of service and different ways that they handle age restrictions.

When Alinity weighed in on Indiefoxx's ban earlier this year, she pointed out that Twitch needed to be more transparent with what it expects from streamers and make a decision about content that should and shouldn't be allowed on its platform. If YouTube Gaming communicates these expectations from the beginning, its users could have an easier time managing a relationship with the company.


YouTube Gaming is growing. With big-name streamers like DrDisrespect, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, Valkyrae, CouRage, and now Indiefoxx, the platform may have enough big-name recognition to challenge Twitch. It seems like more and more streamers are choosing to side with a streaming platform every day — even NickMercs just signed the biggest contract of his life. Time will tell if the platform can put a dent in Twitch.