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Everything We Know About Apex Legends' Monsters Within Event

The spooky season is upon us with Halloween just around the corner, and "Apex Legends" has a special event coming up to celebrate and wrap up it's 10th season. The game's Monsters Within Event has been announced for October 12 through November 2 with a trailer and info page outlining all the details. Not only is this a long, three-week event; Monsters Within will also include a bunch of new content.


Though many fans may be excited, there's also reason for trepidation. 2020 brought with it some ill-received changes to "Apex Legends" that some players are still not on board with. Even more recently, the May 2021 premiere of Season 9 had an incredibly rough start due to server errors, but those problems are now in the past.

While no game is perfect, especially when it comes to managing updates, "Apex Legends" is definitely still worth playing in 2021. The game continues to be popular with streamers, and it's expanded to become more than a standard battle royale with additional gameplay modes. Given the fact that "Apex Legends" is hot right now and free to play, the Monsters Within Event has the potential to be an all-out graveyard smash jam-packed with new gameplay experiences.


New Arenas Map: Encore

Fans of Arenas, the 3v3 "Apex Legends" mode that premiered with Season 9 in May 2021, will be happy to learn that there will be a new Encore Arenas map available during the Monsters Within Event. The bad news? Fans will only be able to play the map for the duration of the event.


The new Encore map is part of Boreas, home to Season 10's newest Legend, Seer. It's the place he earned his reputation as a fearsome fighter, so much so that he gathered his own fanbase there who loved watching him do his thing. That's why the scenery looks a bit like a dilapidated performance venue.

As far as the map's mechanics, EA promises an open landscape with "strong environmental awareness," plus "combat over two high-ground power positions." Strategic decisions will lead players to the VIP Lounge, Performance Stage, or the low-ground middle section separating them. The VIP Lounge will be home to all-out combat, including "flank options in the interior sections [that] bring good clutch opportunities and strategic ways to dominate the fights." As for the Performance Stage, players will need team support to "establish control" and survive on the "wide and exposed" flanks. Of course, the chance to play on a new map is music to many fans' ears, though they'll have to split their time with another exciting event component.


The Limited Return of Shadow Royale

For the final week of Monsters Within, gamers will get the chance to revisit "fan-favorite Shadow Royale." This spookily spectacular game mode first premiered as part of the 2020 Fight or Fright event, and it was such a hit, EA couldn't resist bringing it back.


Shadow Royale brings haunting and horror at the hands of the nightmarish Legend Revenant. In this game mode, players get infinite lives, but after their first death, they come back in Shadow-Form and fight for their teams with extra powers until every last living creature is zombie-fied. Fighting shadow monsters is clearly a spot-on Halloween aesthetic, though those coming back from the dead return stronger with "a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and blistering speed."

Shadow Royale matches are 3v3, so the stakes are high. Add to that the fact that the Revenant can add an "abandoned hell-beast" to your squad or your enemies' at any time and it's a recipe for a thrilling disaster. Remember, Shadow Royale won't be around until the last week of Monsters Within, but the good news is you can play on and around Halloween night.


Packs, Prizes, and a Special Sale

In addition to the chance to play Shadow Royale again and experience the new time-limited Encore map, players will get limited-edition cosmetics and many other perks along the way. Each week of the Monsters Within Event will feature fresh rewards like packs and skins, as well as corresponding challenges. Some specifically cited items include Wraith's "Mistress of Evil" and Crypto's "Deadly Byte" skins. By the way, if you don't get all 40 new items that will be available throughout the event or miss one you really wanted, the good news is that always be craftable, eventually at a lower price.


One special new perk is the addition of Monsters Within Packs on sale for 400 Apex Coins. This incentive is "guaranteed to have a non-dupe event-limited item." Though the Monsters Within Packs will only be on sale during the event, the items stick with players forever.

Finally, there will be a special Dia de los Muertos sale from October 26 to November 1. The party will be hosted by Octane, and the favors include an Epic "Muerte RĂ¡pida" skin, Legendary "La Catrina" skins, and much more.

If the upcoming "Apex Legends" Monsters Within Event and all that comes with it has your attention, you'll probably want to mark your calendar for its first day on October I12, 2021.