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The Terrifying Reason Asmongold Is Taking A Break

Asmongold announced his plans to take a break from streaming after saving his mother from a life-threatening fire. On October 7, he posted a video explaining the situation to his viewers, including how the fire happened and when they could expect him back on stream.


On the day of the fire, Asmongold ended one of his streams early because of how preoccupied he was with his mother's well-being. She'd recently had surgery, and had been debating going back to the hospital,  which worried him because she didn't have her COVID vaccine and wasn't planning to get it. He laid down in his room to rest after the stream, then heard a loud crash that prompted him to rush over to his mom's room. Flashing lights and fire filled the room. He said that the fire was "everywhere," including on his mother.

Asmongold recalled how his mother's oxygen tube caught fire and nearly exploded the entire canister. "It was like some kind of cartoon where the fire is going to the bomb," he said of the scene. Thankfully, he turned off the tank in time and stopped the oxygen from spreading the fire. After he and his mother were out of immediate danger, he called 911 and first responders handled the situation from there.


His mother had been smoking too close to her oxygen tank, which started the fire. She couldn't breathe by herself, so first responders rushed her to the hospital. Understandably, Asmongold won't be streaming until he deals with the aftermath of the incident and recovers from the near-death trauma. But when might the streamer return?

When will Asmongold come back?

Asmongold cited his mother's condition as the main reason he wanted to take another break, despite just taking one earlier this year. His fans worried about his reasons for the last break, so he addressed potential concerns in an extended video this time. "I'll be back when I'll be back," he said. He specified "sooner rather than later," but didn't have an exact time frame in mind. It's unclear when exactly his mom will be well enough to leave the hospital and how much more he needs to worry about in regards to her condition.


Asmongold admitted wanting to quit in the past, but it looks like he's just focused on real-life for now. He plans on spending time with his mom during her recovery, although he notes that he's trying to do so responsibly because COVID is still an active threat. At the end of his video, Asmongold thanked his viewers for their support. His mother apparently appreciated the kind comments, too. "Thank you for the positive, uplifting messages. It means so much," he said.