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Brianna Arsement Explains Why Roblox Does It All - Exclusive

Fans of popular YouTuber Brianna Arsement are likely familiar with her two primary channels, Brianna and BriannaPlayz. On Brianna's main channel, fans can see her take on a massive variety of challenges and other fun content, while BriannaPlayz focuses on her extensive adventures in the world of "Minecraft."

However, some fans may not know that Brianna has a third channel, which is also full of great content for fans to enjoy. That channel, BriannaGamez, focuses exclusively on "Roblox," the open-ended gaming platform that lets users design their own games, levels, and entire worlds. Crafty "Roblox" users have recreated everything from "Harry Potter" to "Squid Game," and fans are constantly coming up with fun new projects to enjoy in the game's virtual space.

Although "Roblox" may not always get the same appreciation among mainstream gamers as titles like "Minecraft" or "Fortnite" do, the game is still an undeniable success. In 2020, Roblox Corporation told The Verge that over half of kids and teens in the United States had tried the game. When SVG sat down with Brianna in an exclusive interview, she got into what keeps her invested in "Roblox" and what she finds its ultimate appeal to be.

Brianna appreciates Roblox because of the enormous freedom it allows players

When SVG asked Brianna what set "Roblox" apart from other popular open-ended games like "Minecraft," she explained that the platform truly allowed for a wealth of experiences. Brianna said, "'Roblox' is a huge sandbox, is what I would call it. You can be all different ages, find a game that you like, whether you want to play a fashion game, escape and obstacle course."

What sets "Roblox" apart is the creativity players can enjoy while designing a world and experiencing someone else's. Brianna continued, "But then also it has sort of 'Sims'-like vibes where you can customize a character. You can make a house and create your entire story."

The game has also become a haven for dedicated roleplayers, who can build entire stories and lives in the virtual spaces that "Roblox" helps gamers create. Brianna explained that players could make a character that they can then take to a roleplaying environment such as "Brookhaven," where they can feel free to craft their own unique experiences within that little corner of the "Roblox" world.

At the end of the day, "Roblox" allows Brianna the freedom to create some excellent content, because it opens the doors for gamers to express themselves. As Brianna said, "Really, it's just a very open world that you can do whatever you want with." And isn't that what most gamers are looking for?