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Twitch Leaks Have Led To More Streamer Bans

Twitch's shady side has been on full display these past few weeks. A massive Twitch security break put many user accounts in serious danger while also giving out proprietary company information, like a strike guide that explained why some people are getting banned. Major streamers also had their earnings leaked, leading to Dr Disrespect and others weighing in on the Twitch leaks. Following a week of bombshells, it looks like Twitch is striking back at those who have shared the information.

According to the Twitter account StreamerBans, Twitch channel TheSerfsTV was banned on Oct. 11. The streamer news channel responded to the suspension almost immediately, tweeting out that the 30-day ban was confusing. As far as they can tell, the only reasoning for the ban would be the fact that the Twitch leak was covered extensively on the channel.

Specifically, the group showed a tweet while streaming that showed the earnings of major Twitch streamers. This was the only idea that the channel had as to why the ban may have occurred, as well as for why the suspension would last for such a long time. As noted in TheSerfsTV's tweet, "Got a 30 day suspension on Twitch – longest I've ever gotten." Ever since the news of this specific ban broke, fans have not been happy.

Fans aren't happy

People were upset with Twitch, especially considering that it's the company that had the breach to begin with. One user mentioned that they wished the platform "put this much effort into making sure their [information] was secured as they apparently do with people reporting with evidence."

Unfortunately, many people weren't surprised by the seemingly outrageous ban. One user pointed out that deciding to ban an account because of coverage of a Twitch issue is "so Twitch." Another user described it as Twitch essentially saying, "How dare you point out our mistakes! You'll pay for this!"

Others felt like Twitch's recent actions have been contradictory — or inconsistent, at the very least. As one Twitter user pointed out, Twitch streamer Destiny was also suspended after reading a Twitch employee's email address on stream, which could potentially have dangerous consequences. However, in Destiny's case, an employee email address was read on-stream. However, the length of Destiny's ban was significantly shorter than TheSerfsTV's.This is, as one Twitter user pointed out, doxing the employee, which can have serious consequences.

For TheSerfsTV fans, the channel is streaming on YouTube throughout the ban. The ban isn't permanent, so it's looking like fans can at least look forward to seeing TheSerfsTV back on Twitch sometime in mid-November 2021.